1. Chris-TheNuk

    Stevie B. on Stars for Free 2005 [Germany] rockin' 17000 ppl

    Hi, we have a lil update on the Picture Section on . 104.6 RTL Radio give us some pictures from Stars For Free 2005 Event and the permission to post them (only) on but I wanne show ya that Freestyle could be a big think...:D...
  2. M

    American Stars famous around the world.

    Two mornings ago on ESPN Radio Mike and Mike in the Morning. They had a debate on which American pro athlete is famous around the world. The conclusion is Shaq. No NFL nor Baseball(except South/Latin America or japan). So which American singers(active now) you think are big around the world...
  3. ChuckD

    stars taking "shots" at each other....

    No, I'm not talking about the rappers shooting at each other. I'm talking about stars taking verbal jabs at each other. Here are two examples..... I saw an interview with classic actress, Bette Davis. She and Joan Crawford had a MAJOR fued going on. Joan Crawford had died, and the...
  4. M

    Defenitive Events of Stars

    This week, Temple Univ. basketball Coach; John Chaney will not coach the rest of the season because he orded one of his bench players to give a hard foul to a player of crosstown; St Joe's Univ. . Many wonder if Chaney have coached his last game. Even though he is a legend, will this be a...
  5. M

    Battle of the Network Stars

    Does anyone remember this show on ABC? TV stars from the 3 major networks, NBC, CBS, ABC would team up and battle one another in different sports events. I predict this classic show will come back as a realty show, or at least it should. It was lots of fun to watch.
  6. tanktruck

    Your Mom & Dad Are Porn Stars ~ LOL

    DAD FINDS PORN FLICKS ON FAMILY'S NEW PHONE By Heather Greenaway A FATHER-of-two was shocked to find home-made porn stored on his family's 'new' video phone. Alan Rooney, 37, of Bothwell, was sent a new handset by mobile firm Three after his old one broke. His wife...
  7. J

    Honoring Mr. Abbatiello - Come out - COPPA - Meet Freestyle Stars and Show Some Love

    I guess you guys heard about Sal's recent loss of his dad Mr. Abbatiello. His dad had a huge influence in the club scene and in turn freestyle scene. Some say if it wasent for the Abbatiello's - Freestyle would have never left the ground. If you are Old School from way back or New school...
  8. D


    ya tell me what ya think about this poem. On nights I can't sleep, I look at the stars. Wondering how beauful they are. As I think, I think of you. How you look when the sun shine on you. The way your eyes spankles like the stars. That show me how much I care for you.
  9. lilshygyrl

    over rated stars

    okay, this is JUST my opinoin but I think these stars are not all that. like fame makes em seem wondeful and sexy etc........... Jennifer Aniston anyone from American Idol 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake what is the big thing with any of them???i dont see it
  10. E

    Freestyle All Stars

    What do you think of getting a bunch of Freestyle all-stars and having them all do one song together like Rappers be doing. What is everyones opinion on that?
  11. SONYA

    Freestyle All Stars

    hey all i was wondering who makes up this group that holds the number one spot on the frenzy, any info who are they, where r they from i have the invasion cd so i already got the song.... thanx
  12. S

    If Stars Fall

    If Stars Fall If a star fell from the sky every time I thought of you, then I'd have no stars to wish on, to wish to be with you. If there was another way to tell you how I care, then I wouldn't have to runaway and show you that Im scared. Now, I'll close my eye's and reach inside to tell you...