1. B

    Songs that sound kinda freestyle by non-freestyle artists

    some songs that kinda sound a little bit like freestyle (that may, or may not be concidered real freeestyle) by non-freestyle artists "Tell It To My Heart" Taylor Dayne "Favorite Girl" (Remix from 1990 or 1991) - New Kids On The Block "Whole Wide World" - A'me Lorain that's...
  2. B

    chi-style ep: whats it sound like?
  3. F

    Feva Sundays @ System Sound Bar

    System Sound Bar Sundays launching Sunday June 12,2005. System Sound Bar- 117 Peter Street Doors @ 10PM Ladies free before midnight $5 cover all night Go-Go Dancers/Model Search every week Guestlist: 416-879-5095 Featuring the sounds of: Mike Stoan: Hip-Hop/R&B/Reggae/Soca/Old School DJ...
  4. F

    question on uploading a sound bite?

    can someone tell me how to upload a snippet of a track? I would like to get feedback on it and can't figure out how to do it. thanks
  5. ChuckD

    A new song on KTU, does it sound freestyle to you???

    For the past two weeks, KTU has been playing a new song called "If You Don't Know Me By Now" (not a remake of the Simply Red song) by Aubrey. I don't know why, but I hear freestyle when I listen to this song. I don't know if it is classified as break beat or what, it this song sounds freestyle...
  6. F

    ...sound familiar? HELP!

    Some one PLZZZ tell me who sings this and the name. And whe i could find it. :whistle "remember the fears we had in our hearts the fear that could only tear us apart but now that your gone i've lost you forever do you remember. . . there are some thing we can't explain why are we in so much...
  7. S

    What should freestyle 2004 sound like

    I just listened to 7 more new school freestyle cd`s over the weekend that up and coming artists sent to me.First I would like to say that if your going to do dance music please stop with the 1987 to 1993 sounds.Please!!! Make good music from the heart that will touch yourself as others.It`s 2004...
  8. Kenny Guido

    Goodbye Sound Factory!

    Police charge drug use, raid club, arrest owner Top Stories March 7, 2004, 5:09 PM EST NEW YORK -- Police raided a Manhattan nightclub and arrested its owner on federal drug charges early Sunday, alleging the club's lax security policies allowed widespread illegal activity...

    need help with sound for my cd recorder .

    dose anyone know how to fix the settings on a phillps cd4775 recorder ? i have no clue my db is set to low and some cds turn out to low :(
  10. Freestyle

    Technics Sound Flyer Competition

    Just wondered how many people have had a go at the soundflyer competition on the Technics website? If you have then post the link to your flyer so I can go off and have a listen to the competition as I'm bored silly! Sound Flyer Comp
  11. sietzsounds

    "Tears Of Joy" (The Sound Of Sietz Club Mix)

    Hi guys!!!!!!!! If u have 6 minutes please check out a new house remix I produced..... "Tears Of Joy" by Attack The Wire.... 1st song on my page, clickable below...... All comments & critiques are welcomed!!!!!! Thanks everyone!!!!! :) Peace!!!!! Sietz
  12. smoothrhythm

    (Woop Woop) That's the sound of da police ....

    (Woop Woop) That's the sound of the beast Stand clear,done man a talk You can't stand where I stand You can't walk where I walk Watch out, we run New York Police man come, we bust him out the park I know this for a fact You don't like how I act You claim I'm sellin' crack But you be doin' that...
  13. M

    Sound Garden Wednesday

    Lisette, Judy, Cynthia and Suave all performed on stage together. They took turns singing and the others would sing backup and dance. It was a new fun format. They each sang two songs. Lisette looked beautiful/sexy/redhot. Words cannot describe. It was worth going just to see her.
  14. M

    FS at Sound Garden Wednesday

    Ok, so who's goin to Sound Garden Wednesday night to see Judy, Cynthia, Lisette and the Suprise FS artist?
  15. cArLiToS WaY

    That WAS the New and Improved sound- you were just sleepin'.....

    The new sound of Freestyle tried to make its breakthrough with the work of Albert Cabrera several years ago. None of you pobably didn't even pick up on it at the time and probably never will. It was a UNIQUE and an up-to-date PIECE OF WORK that potrayed what Freestyle could grow to be. Yes...
  16. P

    To: All the freestyle artists (advice on NEW SOUND)

    Hey all the freestyle artists,go into thread (Everything Else &Shoutouts) under Kay seven TKA (advice on NEW SOUND) by benjaminsteel.He has a great idea for TKA,why not for the rest of you guys the freestyle artists out there!!!! hope you read it if Richie Luzzi, Amber and many others can do it...
  17. B

    To : Kay seven TKA (Advice on NEW SOUND)

    Hope you take my advice from a fan,TKA is the reason I'm singing and in a group right now to make an impact like TKA did....Yo, k.... the music that is happening right now in the club scene is progressive house , back in the days with the freestyle sound(that came from the streets)...
  18. P

    Progressive House is the new Freestyle Sound!

    I think that Progressive house is the next step for freestyle music,listen it has -relationship lyrics like freestyle music,it's own unique style of gear like freestyle had ,and it sound make you move and dance with passion like freestyle has.And last but not least it has their own (Artists)new...
  19. F

    Some songs that sound A LOT like FREESTYLE

    Hey wassup I just listened to Samantha Fox's song "I Wanna Have Some Fun" and it really sounds a lot like a freestyle song, My question is to all you freestylers out there what do you think it takes to really consider a song freestyle and do you consider the Samantha Fox song freestyle also...
  20. B

    Progressive house vs Freestyle sound.

    CF.PEEPs ,we need advice our manager is telling us to remix our song soon to be release from freestyle to progressive house because of the market out there today,feed back please . :confused: Trying to keep it real.