1. D

    [Quiz] Which led zeppelin song are you? I got STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN but the description DOES NOT FIT ME AT ALL! Ah man!!
  2. C

    who sings this song and the name of it please

    Freestyle: I want you I need you give your love to me I can't live with you . I want you I need you give your love to me I can't live with out your love
  3. G

    Ay papi no pares in a song - does anyone know?

    In NYC - freestyle clubs used to play, I don't know if it was mixed in from another track or an entire song and this was not a cover girl song or girl band group like the one that says ay papi tocalo! lol not that one. But either in a house or freestyle track you would here........." ay...
  4. M

    Need help with a song

    I need help with indentifying that song which starts at 10:02. Anyone knows the artist and the name?
  5. E

    Need your help identifying a song [MIDI file included]

    Hi everybody! I don't know where else can I post my question. There is a tune of a song stuck in my head and I can not identify it. Now, it is not 80's freestyle. My best guess is that it was possible New Wave or Dance Pop from 1987-199X. So I created a MIDI file with the tune as far as I...
  6. This Is GoodBye

    Another Club Song Please ID

    Here Is Another Club Song I Heard But I Cant Find Oout Any Info Please Help Here Is A Link To The Mp3 !!
  7. M

    song from 1999 Help

    It was a guy singing lyrics go sortof like... NO, No, no, no, no, I thought you loved me girl ....(some words i cant remember) chorus goes.. You told me.. you'd love me.. forever...and now i know its untrue... any help is appreciated. Singer sounds like N.V. ? Ive been looking for this song...
  8. D


    Hi, how are u freestyle fans, i'm kinda stumped on a song as i found it on a old cassette from back in the day and i don't remember the artist name or song name.... and don't know if this is the right forum,..... all i know are these lyrics "Am I The One Who's Gonna Take Your Love And Steal...
  9. M

    Been looking for this song since 1988 I'm desperate

    Ok the lyrics go as follows "go back to boys you're not quite ready yet for men, you came and then you went away but I won't die if you don't stay I will never ever be alone" then chorus goes " life's too short love could never hurt me life's too did you think I'd fall apart" if you recognize...
  10. M

    Searching for a song.

    I heared a freestyle song on Radio Freestyle Mania Brazil and now I'm searching for it. A man is singing in the refrain something like this: tell me that you stay tell me that you never go away ... please make my dream come true Any idea?
  11. M

    Song on web radio

    Hi I heared a freestyle song on a web radio. Now I'm searching for it and can't find anything. A female singer is singing and the refrain goes something like this: ... anything I do anything you want me to ... Thats all I can remember. Any suggestions?
  12. F

    I Need help finding this Song

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and i was hoping someone can help me find this Freestyle song from the 90's that I've been looking for. The lyrics start with "Looking back, I see many places, look around and so many faces, I knew that I could find a love so true" the corus sounds like he's saying...
  13. C

    anyone know who sings this song and the name of the song

    I need you i want you give your love to me i can't live with your love.... Please need to know who sings this song and the name of it thank you
  14. Dj Destiny

    who knows the name of this song? I must have it ;)

    Female artist time just keeps on slipping away from me things aint the way as they should be when i was with you... as the clock keeps ticking away i find myself with nothing more to say i'm slowly losing my mind boy without you..(hook) as the time keeping passing bye i cry.. thats all i have...
  15. frankie

    Jennifer Lopez new song & video "On the Floor" I love it!!!!

    I cant wait to but JLO's new CD, im glad a lot of dance music will be on there, i already ordered Glitterati edition from
  16. C

    name of this song and siger?

    i know its a guy all i know is the course says oni oni i think thats how you spell it. also whats a good cd to get from itunes thats has a lot of good freestyle tracks on it?
  17. G

    who sings this song?

    im trying to find out who sings this song the song is on dj tony freestyle nation mix some guy sings it here is the lyrics -- your the one ive been thinking of and i know your the one for me take my hand show me the way to have your love all this time ive been feeling strange i dont know whats...
  18. G

    who sings this song?

    im trying to find out who sings this song the song is on dj tony freestyle nation mix some dude sings it here are the lyrics -- as time goes by i wait for you im walking around with a broken heart im lost in your love i dont know what to do im missing your love and im so confused im lost in...
  19. M

    Great Song

    It's not Freestyle, but it's great!Check it out @ it'll start playing when you visit page. :)
  20. A

    who sings this song....?!?

    its a fast paste freestyle song by a guy, i forgot who it was..... (Chorus) - COME ON OVER HERE AND MAKE LOVE TO ME, I WAITED SUCH A LONG TIME BABY CANT U SEEEE YEAAAAA