1. P

    My son walked in on us "doing the deed"!

    :jumping0038: Ugh! This clearly took "the most embarrasing thing to ever happen to me" pennant away from anything else in my life! Decided to "get busy" around 6:30am Sunday morning and my significant other can get a little "loud". I made the mistake of leaving the door unlocked (we got up &...
  2. Sexyangel329

    My Son The Bully

    Lol I was just telling Nessa that I called my mom as I do every day to see how my son is and how he behaved in daycare well a new little boy started he is 3yrs old and they told my mom my son was hitting on the new little boy all day and when my mom came to pick Tavian up the other little boy...
  3. sietzsounds

    my 3 yr old son....

    .... sings K7, it's so cute, out of nowhere he'll break out into Zunga Zung Zunga Zunga Zeng...... :lol
  4. HennyLuv159

    My 4 year old son is too funny....

    He truly went grabbed my camera & took this pic on the low.... :nutz :lol
  5. ChuckD

    Happy Birthday Naya's Son

    Sup Naya's Son!!!! Happy birthday! Wishing you health, happiness, wealth, and freestyle!!!!!!!!!!
  6. HennyLuv159

    Recent pic of my son & Me

    Me & my son Gordo, last Sat, he was tired from harrassing & swimming in the pool...que mucho jodio !!! Me gettin a lil bent, who says I dont smile, huh ???
  7. Sexyangel329

    My Son

    I went to pick up my son today after work and he is spread out on my bed looking so angelicly beautiful OMG I am so in love with this lil person I prayed to God to send me a man who would love me for me heart and soul and he did my son :)
  8. Sexyangel329

    My Son

    Is with my mom this whole week I cried when they left last night I miss him and it has only been a few hours cause the day hasnt gone by to be a full day yet. I called this morning and spoke to him and he was saying mami mami with his baby talk and got mad when my mom took the phone from him...
  9. Sexyangel329

    For You (To my son)

    I wrote this for my son and still I am short on words but I will keep writing till the day i do find all the words if that day ever comes. My greatest gift is my son and every waking moment I think about him I miss him when I am not with him I talk abotu him every where I go and I dont care how...
  10. myonlysweetie

    My son Jayson...

    the day he took his graduation pictures. He graduates from Kingergarten in June! :dancepuff
  11. D

    My Son "Julian"

    As I think back to that special day I knew my little boy was on his way I never in my life felt so proud All I wanted to do was scream out loud I tried to hold it in, but tears came down Because I knew, I was the happiest man in town I cherish the day that he was born As long as I’m...
  12. raquii

    Quick Thankyou shout to DJ LARRY VEE and SON!

    I hope I can do this here... Last night, DJ Larry Vee and Jr. played 2 hours over time on WESU, (Man, talk about devotion and hard work!) and the show was HOT! They played me and Matts (SietzSounds) new track Here We Go Again! It was the songs first airing debut! Thank you so much guys! You...
  13. kxrider375

    A Redneck mother to her loving son

    Dearest Redneck Son, I'm writing this slow because I know you can't read fast. We don't live where we did when you left home. Your dad read in the newspaper that most accidents happen within 20 miles of your home, so we moved. I won't be able to send you the address because the last West...
  14. 4eVerFreeStyle

    HELP me find my son's birthday present!!

    Ok people, my son turns 7 Friday and all he wants is a bean bag chair. Now, if you knew what type of person I am, I don't buy things that are going to last him 1 day.... so I'm looking for those "big" chairs they have. I've searched the web and WOW there are soooo many sites for bean bag...
  15. D

    son.. wheres the freestyle ringtones at

    looking everywhere for freestyle ringtones or mp3 to midi converter thas easy or some links to where i can get some freestyle ringtones
  16. Melly22

    My son gabriel

    I know I haven't been around in awhile but I have gotten a few pm's asking me to post up some pics of my son so I hope i get this right
  17. La Mas Grande

    Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Son

  18. La Mas Grande

    My son is left handed

    and I'm having such a hard time teaching him how to write. So i went and got him a magna doodle but realize that it is made for right handed people. I'm not sure what to do. Help anyone? :)
  19. Nyasia

    Happy Birthday Naya's Son

  20. 4eVerFreeStyle

    Happy Bday to my son Sammy!!!

    Hey everyone... I just felt the need to post this for my son. He turned 8 on the 9th of July! He is such a little man and I thank god for him. His team lost the championship game today 8 to 1. He's doing good - probably better then me. lol Anyway, he's with his daddy but I just called...