1. LaIndia320

    I Have Missed this site so much

    Good After Noon CF Family its been so long, I am glad I came back to visit, I am planning to stick around. How is everyone doing? Yeahh Baby Freestyle for life. :)
  2. tearsoftechnology

    Added Live Streaming to the Site

    Check out the new stream kicking live 24/7 on my site! Killer jams.... Dan
  3. CrayoneBoy

    Totally forgot about this site

    Its been years!
  4. Kenny Guido

    still love the 80's? then join this 80's site that has been around for nearly a decad

    still love the 80's? then join this 80's site that has been around for nearly a decade!
  5. tearsoftechnology

    My Official Site is UP!

    Check it out.....and enjoy of course...... Also, London Exchange from the 80's has a new official site too.....he sent me the link today!
  6. frankie

    This Site Is Dead

    how sad, with all these spam on everything, I guess there is no way of cleaning it up.This site used to be so much fun, now its dead R.I.P CF
  7. caramelo

    Check out my new official site...

    Go to and check out my new official website. Thank you for your support! Peace and God Bless... Always, CARAMELO
  8. S

    Site is just like a Freestyle myspace!!

    Hey all my freestyle people! I just wanted to put you all on to clubfreestyle's little sister site: Freestyle Music Online Community. I consider is a simpler myspace site but just for Freestyle people! I like it and I'm on it quite a bit and I'm hoping many of you will get on it too. I love...
  9. caramelo

    Come and join this new freestyle site.....

    Come and join a new Freestyle website called "Freestyle Fans Forever". Just click on and join for Free. A place where all of the great Freestyle fans can unite!!! Please continue to support and all of the Freestyle sites out there.. Always...
  10. S

    New Legacy Myspace site
  11. B

    when did this site come back again???

    i thought this site was dead but did an archive search and just thought id try the home link and noticed recent 2008 postings; glad to see it back up again! :animal0027:
  12. O

    Cool New Site
  13. P

    This site still works?!?!?!

    Holy cow, I'm a user from WAAAAY back. Anybody here from the old school? I'm Putana from Tampa, FL, big Freestyle fan & used to come here RELIGIOUSLY over 2-3 years ago (if not more).
  14. L

    what is wrong with this site

    some of my post are gone and i cant message anyone anymore. someone mailed me and now i cant seem to message her back because it wont let me message anymore. i also see that this site is looking like a ghost town. where is everyone going to.
  15. E

    New Site Coming Soon...

    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to make a post for the few of you who visit my site on a regular basis. It's been taken down for some renovations, and will be up ready to go with new photos and lots of new music and release information for myself and my students. There is some info on my...
  16. spanishfly053177

    A Tribute to the Military.. Cool Site

    Thought I would post this: a different side of what our troops are going through. very powerful videos !!
  17. R

    who would you like to date in this site

    who would you like to date in this site. the web site or the industry. Be Realistic please dont say like freeking lizz melendez lloll. or safire. some one you know you could date. and dont count me in cuase im to wrapped up in myself llloll. but who in this web site would you like to...
  18. O

    New Freestyle Apparel Site

    Visit the all new One Stop Shop. Become part of the largest Freestyle Webring online. thanks all
  19. D

    Freestyle Music... My roots! Thanks for this site!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum... so if i'm posting this in the wrong area, Mods please feel free to move it to the correct thread. Aftering going to the 92.5 Freestyle concert last night, i somehow feel compelled to tell everyone of my roots as a DJ. I'm from San Diego and spun...
  20. N

    new to the site

    just wanted to say whatzzzzz up to all the gente