1. C

    who sings this song and the name of it please

    Freestyle: I want you I need you give your love to me I can't live with you . I want you I need you give your love to me I can't live with out your love
  2. C

    anyone know who sings this song and the name of the song

    I need you i want you give your love to me i can't live with your love.... Please need to know who sings this song and the name of it thank you
  3. G

    who sings this song?

    im trying to find out who sings this song the song is on dj tony freestyle nation mix some guy sings it here is the lyrics -- your the one ive been thinking of and i know your the one for me take my hand show me the way to have your love all this time ive been feeling strange i dont know whats...
  4. G

    who sings this song?

    im trying to find out who sings this song the song is on dj tony freestyle nation mix some dude sings it here are the lyrics -- as time goes by i wait for you im walking around with a broken heart im lost in your love i dont know what to do im missing your love and im so confused im lost in...
  5. A

    who sings this song....?!?

    its a fast paste freestyle song by a guy, i forgot who it was..... (Chorus) - COME ON OVER HERE AND MAKE LOVE TO ME, I WAITED SUCH A LONG TIME BABY CANT U SEEEE YEAAAAA
  6. J

    PLEASE HELP! Who sings this song?!

    It's an oldie and a goodie. I know it's not Jocelyn Enriquez, or Judy Torres, or Cynthia... But who sings the song that goes "...i always dreamed that i'd be with someone - someone like you (someone like u), Come to me i love ya baby, come to me i need ya baby, come to me cos ya drive me...
  7. M

    I know you know who sings this song.

    I think it's called "Everybody" but i can't find it. It goes, "Everybody got to keep dancing. Do what you got to do , but don't you stop dancing." Please help!
  8. N

    please tell me who sings this!!!

    girl theres someone else inside your heart and was i ever there and did you really care.....girl you left me with a broken heart when love was all i knew
  9. D

    who sings

    Who sings the song puppet on a string???...i can't remember and it's driving me nuts!!!!!...thanks
  10. D

    who sings

    who sings the song that goes .... i looked at you and somehow i knew you felt the same way that i do.... then there's a part that goes .... tell me what you see in me...i can't remember the whole song..
  11. L

    I have the lyrics but need to know who sings it.. please help!

    two years ago when i left him that night to think that he could be so right, the one for me for as long as i live, please understand my heart is what i'll give. don't let me fall.. i'm young but not a fool. if time is what you need, i'll pray on my hands and knees and if i wait too long don't...
  12. A

    Who sings this song?

  13. Dj Destiny

    what male artist sings this?

    Ive only heard it on one mix. the chorus goes like........ The dark of night just let yourself go the dark of night no one will ever know
  14. D

    Who sings this song?

    Ok I think this is a freestyle song sung by a female. The lyrics kind of go "Take my heart and keep it alive... Baby one day you'll be mine.. So i'm never gonna let you go so don't refuse my love." Something like that. It's been a long time since I heard this... I remember this song was on...
  15. J

    Who Sings And Which Song Is It?

    Hi everybody, I'm a freestyle music fan for over 10 years, now I'm 34 from Guadalajara, Mexico but I met freestyle when I used to live in Juarez. There is a song that I just have a part of it in a freestyle megamix I downloaded at Ares a while ago and desperate to know what is the name of...
  16. E

    Who Sings "The Mexican"?

    Hello everyone, does anybody here knows who sings "The Mexican"? I know Jellybean was the producer, but I want to know who that girl singing is? Can't get enough of this song! :thanks
  17. Coolcasino

    Another who sings this song question

    I cant remember who sings this song even if my life depended on it.....what a brain fart :huh The times we spend together, I cherished in my mind Now I realized you we never really mine The need to have you near me, to show you how I feel Please say that you'll be my girl because my love is...
  18. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Who sings this ???

    If anyone knows who sings this song and the title name , I would really appreciate any help. OK - last time I heard this song was about 12 years ago . It's a male vocal & was mixed Accapella with either the instumental of "Runnin" or "Planet Rock" in the back round though I'm not sure which one...
  19. P

    Who sings this song ??

    Looking for name of artist/song from early, mid-80's, female singer: (chorus) "It can work for you it can work for me it works you'll see if you give true love" I, always tried to be, the perfect one for you cause I needed you, you, you said...
  20. R

    Who sings these songs??

    First one - Male Voice (seems like VLA) Chorus: All That You Wanted, All that you needed baby, I'll give it all my love, You said you really love me, now you don't want my love Second One - Female (seems also a canadian production) Chorus: Tell me.......starshine in the sky, Tell me how many...