1. tearsoftechnology

    Podcast of Breakbeat Mix Sets

    Podcast of Breakbeat Mix Sets
  2. tearsoftechnology

    Free Dance Mix Sets

    Uploaded some new mix sets for free download here: Also, new music added to my site from Amy Tori, Vinss-T, Tears of Technology, London Exchange, DJ Kayden and more!
  3. J

    12" Compilation Freestyle Box Sets

    I am requesting anyone to post their recommendations. My recommendations are: Micmac Records, Inc: 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 1 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 2 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 3 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 4 Cutting Records, Inc: Freestyle’s Best Extended Versions Vol. 1 & 2 Freestyle’s Best...
  4. Kenny Guido

    Brand new James Anthony LIVE SETS- free to download now!

    Brand new James Anthony LIVE SETS- free to download now! Hey- Just wanted to give you a little something to get your holiday weekend pumpin'. Check out my music page- I just put up two hour-long mixes, which are live sets from my appearance last weekend at the Roxy in Boston. They're free to...
  5. T

    Freestyle sets

    I just loaded up some mixes to a station wher you don't a need Highspeed connection. If your interested, give a listen.. I'll be uploading more mixes soon. Sorry for the ones that have some noise I need to get new
  6. M

    Christina Agularia's Crotch sets off Airport security

    Last week; when Christina was flying to Europe for a promotion. She held up Airport lines at Security. She kept setting it off. While she took all of her jewerly and metal belt off. When the security guard ran the wand over her. It beeped when going over her middle area. She said; "I forgot, I...
  7. M

    Judge in Chicago sets a bad image for Sports fans

    I know many of you might remember this time last year, in Comiskey Park during a White Sox vs KC. 1B coach; Tom Gamboia was beat up by two mullet wearing shirtless rednecks. Two days ago, the Judge sentenced William Ligue 30 months probation. What the judge is saying is, you can give people on...