1. S

    Season 6 of The Freestyle Universe Radio Show featuring Shawn Davis

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on returns with an all new Season 6 -- Thursday, November 12, 2015 @ 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Be prepared for an new excitement, great insider news and artist interviews. Host: Freestyle Universe's Swins Fontenelle is joined by...
  2. S

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show Returns With Season 5

    It’s the Return of The Heavyhitter! That’s right, The Freestyle Universe Radio Show returns after 4 successful seasons with Season 5 on an all new station (soon to also be on satellite radio):!! The word is out and fun kicks in to high gear on Thursday, August 28, 2014 @...
  3. S

    Season 4 Of The Freestyle Universe Radio Show with Lia Marquis and Sweet-N-Sassy

    Another Season begins for The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on and the antics continue! Season 4 storms in like a hurricane of fun, good times, laughter and torrent after torrent of that great Freestyle music we all love! Tune in on Thursday, January 30th at 8:00 pm...
  4. S

    Freestyle Universe Radio Show Season 3 Kick Off

    The holidays are over but Freestyle Universe’s Swins Fontenelle has been preparing a feast for 2013…a Freestyle Feast that is! Tune in to the Freestyle Universe Radio Show on on Thursday, January 10th for an all new episode of the show that people are listening to all...
  5. S

    Season Two of The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    Freestyle Universe’s Swins Fontenelle and Delisious Deliza return with their 2nd season of the Freestyle Universe Radio Show on beginning this Thursday, June 28th at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Join them as they take you on a laughter-filled journey through the ins and...
  6. tanktruck

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8

    Information coming soon. I want to see who how many Buffy fan's are out there. TO BE CONTINUED...............
  7. M

    2005/06 NBA Season

    B Ball is back. With a new dress code.LOL. This year, Phil is back coaching a so-called changed Kobe Bryant. Larry Brown is hoping to get The Knicks back on Broadway. The Spurs are Defending Champs, and Tony Parker still with Eva Longoria(French boys have all the luck!!). Predictions Who will...
  8. Dianita

    Only 24 more days until the 2005 Holiday Shopping Season!!!!!

    Yeppers, you heard that right boys and girls!!! Only 24 more days and it's that time of the year...Long lines, nasty people, but great sales, lights!!! I love all the purty lights!!! Who here has started their shopping? What would you like to receive for a present this year? What are those gifts...
  9. M

    Making The band 3. Season 2

    It's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Punk Diddy last night is trying on e more time to get a Total, Dream knock off group going. This time he had them audition at The Apollo Theater in harlem. This time Andre Herrell will be one of the girls mentors. He is bringing back Aundrea, Audrey and malika to try...
  10. ChuckD

    Tonight, "Charmed" season premier!

    Don't forget fans, tonight, at 8, on the WB11, the 8th season of "Charmed" starts! I can't wait!
  11. mzcrazybtch

    allergy season

    I don't know about anyone here but my allergies have been kicking my butt since yesterday....for some reason I thought it was because I was around someone that was smoking that made me think my nose was sensitive. But after going to work and coming back today, I realized it's the atmosphere...
  12. M

    Laguna Beach Season 2. Stephen and LC. Did they?

    Last night was another good episode. While Kristen was trying to make the moves for Talan, LC was celebrating her birthday in Mexico with..... Stephen. The two were very close and decided to stay the night in LC's hotel room with Do Not Disturb sign. HHMMMMMMMMMMMMM, not to disturb what...
  13. M

    Laguna beach Season 2

    Last night was the first episode. I have to say, Kristin runs all over Stephen. Dude needs to know, He controls his destiny, forget Kristin!!
  14. latinfreestyle21

    Laguna Beach Season 2

    So whats up Cfer's How is everyones summer going.. Well Is anyone Excited about laguna beach season 2 I think that show is Hot!!!!!!!!! There is going to be alot of drama between Lc,And Kristin.. I wonder who steven Will Get back with.... Any there will be some new kids on the block... I am very...
  15. ChuckD

    New season "Surreal Life" with Caprice

    Ok, on VH1, the new season of Surreal Life is airing soon. One of the stars is a woman named Caprice. I know there was a model named Caprice, and I've never seen the Caprice who sings "There Goes Your Heart". Is it possible they are the same woman?
  16. This Is GoodBye

    The Golden Girls Season 2 Get It Now !!!!!!!

    I Just Bought My Season 2 3 Disc Set Of The Golden Girls Get It Now On E Bay For 42.00 Pretty Cheap...And A Awesome Show.....Love Them 2 Death...I Buy 2 Of Each Season 1 For Watching And 1 For Safe Keeping :)....The Season Came Out 3 Days Ago Get It Now!!!!!!!!! Speed Out, :yeey
  17. M

    Desperate Housewives Season Finalie

    Last night I saw a piece of the season Finalie. I saw the part of why the narrator: mary Alice really killed herself. She stabbed a women in her backyard. Then she buried her. Still lots more cliffhangers for next season.
  18. M

    PoweRGirls Season Finalie.

    This thursday was the end of the show dedicated to Lizzies Power Girls. The went to LA to get a Girl band; The Valli Girls ready for The Teen people awards. They turned up to be a headache. They also threw JaRule a big Record release party, no celebs showed up. Do that mean Ja Rule is falling...
  19. M

    NHL Season Cancelled

    It's official, The 2004/05 season has been called. No deal has been made between players and owners to get a deal done. I have to say, The NHL has not got a clue at all!!!!!!! This is a sport that has trouble getting a huge casual fanbase. Their salaries over ride their revenue. Reaction!!

    wishing everyone a happy holiday season

    just wanted to take this time to wish everyone here at cf a merry christmas and happy & safe new year