1. J

    Searching since 2002

    So I used to get copies of CDs from my cousin in Texas on a bunch of freestyle mixtapes. Can someone tell me the name of this song? This is sung by a lady. She does it in English and Spanish. Do you wanna runaway my love to a place far away, together we will never be found, together we will be...
  2. This Is GoodBye

    Still Searching For This Tune Club Dance

    Sounds Like A Dance Club Track Older But Cant Find Any Info On It At All This IS A link To The Song So You Can Listen I Got It From A Porn years Ago lol Any Info Apreciated Thank U ! Here Is The Link
  3. LaNenaDeOro

    Searching for old friends

    hey freestylers! I havent been on here in a while, looking for old friends and try to catch up! Anyone have any idea how to find eze_2k3 n myonlysweetie??
  4. M

    Searching for a song.

    I heared a freestyle song on Radio Freestyle Mania Brazil and now I'm searching for it. A man is singing in the refrain something like this: tell me that you stay tell me that you never go away ... please make my dream come true Any idea?
  5. J

    After years of searching this forum is my last hope

    Back in the 90's mix tapes were poppin in everyone's head unit. There was this one DJ who was the most impressive edit and mixing DJ I ever heard. His name was DJ Joe Boom Boom and he had plenty of mix tapes available that I purchased from little stands in the malls or at the pennsauken mart. I...
  6. M

    Searching for rare song

    Hi, I'm searching for the Song "Chrissy I-eece- Hush Hush". This song you can hear in the Film "An East Side Story" from 1988. I searched on google, amazon etc. but the only thing I found was a Videorip with a really bad sound quality. Can anyone help?
  7. P

    Old track from 1992 -1993-been searching since

    I know some of the lyrics. The main vocals are female, rapping over a fast, hard beat with some crazy horns or saxophone. When the chorus comes around, a male voice comes in and says "Let's rock the disco" then a group of voices says "Party on the dancefloor, party people want more". The main...
  8. Chris-TheNuk

    [searching] Poze Album

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get Poze CD? On Amazon theres no chance. they still have it on backorder. Willie didn't answer on emails. And then ppl wonder why Freestyle never really come back :( Chris
  9. indegruv

    desperate searching for angelina vinyl

    hi all, i am and have been looking for a certain angelina track on vinyl, not sure if it even exists because i have yet to see even a listing for it yet.. the track i want is "i'm so deep in your love" and i would like it either on single, or if anyone knows if the angelina album was...
  10. E

    Cynthia Roundtree - Stop searching for love

    Hi, I want buy a vinyl of Cynthia Roundtree - Stop searching for love (Key Records), if someone have and accept Paypal, E-MAIL ME SO FAST !!! I live in Rio de Janeiro-Brasil """ """, ok !!!
  11. Chris-TheNuk

    Searching some CDs....

    Hey, Does anyone know where I can get both Albums from Sammy C, Album from Frankie boy and the Cesar Album? Trade or Buy Chris
  12. S

    i've been searching forever!!...

    can sum1 please help me! lol ive been seaching for these songs forever and i still dont even know the artist or the title of the song ....but i know sum of the lyrics and it goes... "u dont have to tell me, what u cannot say...just who r u fooling, when u tell me lies, i know what you're...
  13. Chris-TheNuk

    [searching 4] Ian Iyce - Sex, Lies & Videotapes

    Hi, anybodey hav these Single and ould sell them? or know where I can get these. let me know. Chris
  14. Chris-TheNuk

    Searching for Viper's Freestyle Vol. 9

    Hey, Maybe somebody can help me to find the CD. I've been searching for so long.... Chris
  15. Chris-TheNuk

    searching for SAD BOY Freestyle mix

    If anybody have and like to trade or sell, let me know. Chris
  16. J

    Searching Song "Miami"

    Hi! I'm searching for a song - Unfortunately I'dont know the title or the interpret. Some parts of the text I can remember: "Miami" => Maybe in the title? "because, I'm missing you" "Here comes the summer" (In the chorus) Would be really nice, if someone knows it and would tell me the name...
  17. aim4night

    Job searching

    if anyone has leads on a job in the accouting field,let me know plz. i am looking for a FT position. i have 7 yrs. experience in the accouting fied as a Bookkeeper, collections analyst. ty.:girl
  18. T

    I am searching for a artist and song name

    I know a few lyrics to the song and i dont know the name of it. the lyrics go like this. well i tried to tell you my feelings but it doesnt seem to make a difference to you. and then mor ein the song it goes When you go i hope youll be happy this way. if you know of it please email...
  19. MyriamCruz1977

    Searching for Peace

    Where are you, how could I attain thee It's been such a long time you last met me If it could only be possible to keep you for me If I could hold you in my hands and never set you free Where do you hide when at night I seek you How could I find my sleep when the moments are so few Of true bliss...
  20. S

    ALISHA Still Searching for Songs

    So, if ya know of anyone , or you, have a good song, contact me!