1. S

    Freestyle Universe On The Scene

    Visit the Official fan page for The Freestyle Universe Radio Show and check out the Freestyle Universe On The Scene photo album to see how many of your favorite Freestyle celebs have kicked it with the Freestyle Universe Crew...
  2. Latin Nation

    Latin Nation on the scene

    Up Coming shows for LN: July 30th Mahanttan, NY - MNN Studios on West 59th Street between 10th & 11th Avenue - The Diamante Show August 6th & 7th Manhattan, NY - 116th Street (Street Fair) August 27th Fresno, CA (Not Confirmed) But still show support - Freestyle Fantasia Performing along with...
  3. D

    Philly Freestyle Scene

    Does anyone have any info on the Philly freestyle scene? I'm fairly new to freestyle; just started listening to it a little over a year ago. Ayone know of any freestyle events that go on here or even clubs that have a freestyle nite? I been looking on the web but havent found much. I thought...
  4. E

    Whatz going on to the Albany Scene

    Yo Whatz good everyone. I just got back home from Iraq in September of 2004 and I went down to Albany looking for a good spot to chill and listen to good music But it seems like Albany is losing its touch with the rave scene. Maybe its me but spending a year over in Iraq I notice alot of changes...
  5. Company B

    Underground: "House" & "Ballroom" scene

    To which "House" do u belong? Not many know this, but for many, many years in the underground club scene, there are groups or 'Entertainment Gangs' called "Houses". They exist in many places, usually in the urban areas of the east coast, (NYC, NJ, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, etc), & they are...
  6. E

    German Freestyle Scene?

    Hello everybody! What do you know about a "German Frestyle Scene"? I´d really like to know! To me Freestyle is something like a mystery. I used to live in southern Germany, not too far from Stuttgart. There was really a "Freestyle Scene". All the girls listened to Stevie B. and Johnny O. , Lil...
  7. M

    The Miami, Fl scene.

    :listen Hey peeps. Loyal freestyle head from Miami here. What's the deal here in Miami, Fl. The freestyle scene is almost nonexistent from my point of view. I try to go to every concert that comes anywhere near here so I've found myself in Ft. Lauderdale recently for a good Erotic Exotic -...
  8. Latin Nation

    Latin Nation is on the Scene

    Latin Nation’s is on the road with many shows, here’s schedule dates as of now: 116th Festival in Manhattan, NY 6/7/03 on the Telemundo Stage (between 2pm-7pm) NYC Puerto Rican Parade 6/8/03 (w/a) Wild Palm in Bronx, NY 7/3/03 (Doors open 9pm) Labor Day Freestyle Show case 9/1/03 (w/a location...
  9. E

    ~The Matrix~ (Scene: Bullet Time!)

    Lamatrix I hope you enjoy this! :D Neo: "Trinityyy!!!"
  10. E

    freestyle vs the rave scene

    right... well i gre up listening to freestyle and i amassed a collection of freestyle records an became the locaal freestyle dj back in maybe 97 or so. when buffy came out with give me a reason, and smaller freestyle labels were coming up (classified, velocity) in the bay area. as good, new...