1. P

    Looking for C&C Music Factory-Here We Go (The Rockin in 91 Dub) radio version..

    Back when Hot 97 used to play dance and freestyle, they used to play C&C Music Factory-Here We Go (The Rockin in 91 Dub) but it was some kind of radio edit remix. For those of you that are familiar with the Rockin in 91 dub, the original was very long but the version they played was much...
  2. R

    Queen rockin with Paul

    my brother and I are both huge Queen fans and we took our dad to a Queen concert at the 02 in London for his birthday and it was amazing.. we were both skeptical about Paul Rodgers' singing but dad wanted to go so we went.. man were we wrong.. the guy is a smooth fit with the rest of Queen and...
  3. P

    C&C music factory-here we go (rockin in 91 dub) radio version

    Hiya, Does any one remember the version of C&C Music Factory-Here We Go (the rockin' in '91 dub) that Hot 103/Hot 97 played on the radio back around '91? They played this shortened radio version where in the beginning of the song, you would here the keyboards playing and then the girls'...
  4. Chris-TheNuk

    Stevie B. on Stars for Free 2005 [Germany] rockin' 17000 ppl

    Hi, we have a lil update on the Picture Section on . 104.6 RTL Radio give us some pictures from Stars For Free 2005 Event and the permission to post them (only) on but I wanne show ya that Freestyle could be a big think...:D...
  5. S

    rockin in the street.....?

    help! i cant believe i forgot the artist of this song its driving me crazy!! "i want to get to know u better seems like we both belong together u rock my body, like no one dares full force and lots of care.... rockin in the this funky beat" please help! thank you guys! <3
  6. Chris-TheNuk

    ....Rockin' Baby...we are rockin' again....

    Hi Freestylelovers, We have decided to come back! No matter what other ppl say we want give you back the love you share with us....Rockin' Baby...we are rockin' again... we was thinking over closing because of to many haters and BS talker in this genre. Ppl that...
  7. EddyG4FSVeloClub

    Got a mp3 ringtone cell? Rockin a freestyle song?

    Hey everyone, Now that i got this posted in the right section lol, this was just a thought but who else has got a freestyle song right now as a ringtone? For me, I can make my own ringtones with the software package and USB they gave me when i bought my phone. Because of that i can make any song...
  8. EZE_2K3

    who b rockin timbzz!

    i know i dooo!! any one else b pimpin them
  9. kxrider375

    We're rockin the planet ???

    I don't think this was considered freestyle, it was more of an instrumental dance track back in the mid to late 80s. It had a sick beat and all it said was "We're rockin the planet". Any ideas???????????
  10. FreestyleJen_86

    Rockin' Rollin' Weekend

    Hi. Recently I bought a record from eBay. It's Connie - Rockin' Rollin' Weekend, promo record single. It was released in 1989 on Nafid records. I think it's a cool song, it uses "r-r-rockin'" from Funky Little Beat. Does anyone have any info about this song? Was another album released around...
  11. J

    Miami Is Rockin Tonight!!!!!!!!

    man,i was at the 93.1 concert last night, i saw it from all angles, back stage, v.i.p terrace at the American ailines arena, it was all good. rockell kicked ass. and actually, when she performed, about 100 people, opened a back door from the street leading to the terrace and a mob of people...