1. ChuckD

    Classic Freestyle Reviews- Safire

    Sa-Fire Review by Ron Wynn The debut album by the hyphenated vocalist who was physically short (assuming the photo on her album wasn't deceptive) but vocally imposing. She had range, power, and soul, and wasn't afraid to belt out a song or stretch out a lyric. I Wasn't Born Yesterday...
  2. F

    Freestyle Music Reviews (Issue# 24 & # 25)

    Hi CFers, After a little break due to some personal reasons and also due to the Freestyle actuality which has been particularly awful (qualitatively & quantitatively) during the whole year 2003, here are two new issues (# 24 & #25) published at the same time. Two for the price of one! LOL...
  3. F

    New Freestyle music reviews (Issue # 23)

    Hi CFers, Here is the content of the last issue (# 23) of my column “Music Reviews” published on’s web site. I’m sorry for the delay but those two last months have been very hectic for me. LOL. The issue # 24 will be available by the end of September on time… I hope. LOL...
  4. Company B

    My Reviews!....

    Hey peeps, last month I did 2 reviews for TAG magazine in movies & music, the movie being "X2: X-Men United" & the music review being Linkin Park's latest CD "Meteora". please check them out in the entertainment section at & lemme know what u guys think. I need...
  5. ChuckD

    Update to my freestyle reviews page

    Expose` is off the page on my site, and we're onto another freestyle girl group, Sweet Sensation. Use the link in my signature to get to my site, and go to the "Freestyle Reviews Page" to see the reviews I found on Sweet Sensation's 3 albums.
  6. ChuckD

    Update to my Reviews Page!

    I just updated my Freestyle Reviews page. I now have a pic of Expose`, and reviews of thier 4 albums, "Exposure", "What You Don't Know", "Expose`" and "Greatest Hits".
  7. R

    Review: Bobby Leal - 2 Reviews For The Price Of One!!!

    Before I begin this review, I would like to thank Bobby Leal and everyone else at BLFY Productions/WITL Music. It was a very pleasant surprise to receive a package containing your CDs...For those who are familiar with Bobby Leal's previous releases ("ONE MORE CHANCE" and "WHERE IS THE LOVE") you...
  8. R

    New Freestyle Reviews!!!

    Go to the ClubFreestyle/DMA Magazine Forum to read reviews of new releases from Christina Marie and Nick Colon!!!
  9. F

    German Freestyle reviews

    Hi guys, I just want to inform you that I wrote some articles about German products in the new issue of my column "Music Reviews #13" on the American Website "" Don't forget that it's just a point of view! Freestylely yours, Francis -From France-