1. Tony G.

    Review The Tony G. Solo Album

  2. M

    Please review

    Hi there! I created a Facebook application : Meet Online People If you believe it'll be a successful application, would you invite your friends?
  3. H

    Movie review: "Chicago Boricua"

    Having recently read an e-mail sent to me by, I was moved to rent the recently released “Chicago Boricua” which was filmed in Chicago and written by Marisol Torres. The e-mail I received cited yet another e-mail in which a female Clave Radio listener sent a note stating her...
  4. ChuckD

    Classic Freestyle Review- Nancy Martinez

    Not Just The Girl Next Door Review by Alex Henderson Critics of 1980s dance-pop will tell you that most or all of it was about style over substance — that once you get past the high-tech production gloss, pretty faces, and carefully designed images, you're left with music that is soulless and...
  5. ChuckD

    Classic freestyle review- Sweet Sensation

    Take It While It's Hot Review by Ron Wynn Sweet Sensation made a quick impact in the late '80s with this album. They were a talented female trio and also looked great, which ensured a run of photo sessions and publicity generated around their appearance. But the cuts "Sincerely Yours", "Never...
  6. ChuckD

    2005...Year in review

    Highlights of key events of the year, organized month by month
  7. ChuckD

    "Confessions On A DanceFloor" The review from Rolling Stone.

    In 1985, Madonna's navel ruled the world. That year -- which opened with "Like a Virgin" perched at Number One, and would later see "Crazy for You" knock "We Are the World" off the top of the charts -- she boiled down her philosophy, her definitive worldview, to one phrase. It kicked off "Into...
  8. R

    the rbonuc review of china club

    gabilan over all i gotta admit good night first i things first i got major bone to pick with queens gurl. 10 bucks it was t w e n t y f i v e d o l l a r s you know how many drunks i gotta give a ride in the limo to make twenty five dollars. you know how much crap i gotta hear in...
  9. CandyLandGirl

    Stevie B Concert Review

    Check out the STEVIE B Concert Recview from last nights Concert
  10. A

    New song for review

    Here is a new song I am working on. Check it out. Let me know what you think. Sorry it is at 80kbps for now.
  11. DiaMoND_GiRL

    My Freestyle Reunion Dos Review

    Of course... a concert is never on TIME! lol.. it started around 8:10-8:15... Debbie Deb started it off.. i really didnt pay attetion to her cuz i was tryin to find out where everyone else was at and makin sure they made it to the concert. I've seen her perform before... shes good. Up next...
  12. James Anthony

    Tonight On Wktu @ 11 W/ Dj James Anthony...year End Review!

    Hey all, check out tonight's mix PLUS we tally up the most requested and played songs of all of my 2004 mixshows! Look for more mixed freestyle beats, multi edits, and new surprises in '05 as we continue to bring freestyle to the NYC tri-state area each and every week! Funky Little Beat-Connie...
  13. DiaMoND_GiRL

    Not so Silent Night 3 Review

    The show actually started at 7 on the dot... Jessica Lopez was the 1st one to perform... now i had been warned about her and her performance from some CF members...u guys were right... she is something else... she performed "clave rocks" but was a lil offbeat...but pretty decent... she...
  14. L

    Nu Image Review & Promo Clips

    Just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know that has completed its review on the highly anticipated Nu Image Album that was released late Feb of 2004. We have about 10 songs available for preview on our site and invite you guys to come and listen and post your...
  15. Edalgiere

    eds LQ review & shout outs

    first of all LQ was slammin from the start what can you say the acts where awsome from ayna and manny to nyasia who was off the charts and i am not forgetting ashley nick colon &more lil suzy, angel from the cover girls and Gioia of expose (thanks scotman) now for the my shout outs grande...
  16. StLouisFreestyle

    Review of my new song...

    I was wondering if I could enlist the help of some of you. I have a sample of a song I've been working on with Elissa. It's not the final mix and it'd be great to hear some of your honest opinions. If you will help me out,.... :):):) Thanks so much. Miles
  17. Edalgiere

    Divas of Freestyle @ krash shout outs& review

    ok for shout outs Delicious (thank you for the ride home) legit nelson(thanks for coming to breakfast with us) freestyle pete kennyguido and diane freejack lamondfan myonlysweetie patty george lamond coro the show: was awsome started out with LYDIA LEE LOVE,then lissette melendez, Nayobe...
  18. Edalgiere


    If you want to see A GREAT show please check OUT tka in it's present form the show was amazing had a great time tonight K7 was awsome and the swing kids did a great job with the vocals i was really impressed the club sahara was real nice i never really liked cyberia which was what it used...
  19. aim4night

    2003: Romance in review

    Love is strange business — especially when it's put on public display. What did love have to do to make the news this year — and who among the newsmakers was really, er, making it? Surely there was more to 2003 than the decidedly unromantic spectacle of Madonna, Brittney Spears and Christina...
  20. O

    My Review Of Bad Boy Joe's Volume 4 CD in a Nutshell!!!

    -Mostly famous old school breakbeat cuts. -Not many "freestyle" tracks. -Freestyle fan friendly -Unlike other Bad Boy Joe compilations -His mixing would usually occur at the end of every track. My own rating on a scale of 1 to 10.... 10 because he brings back alot of old stuff that other comps...