1. T

    If you made a dream "mash-up"?

    While I know there are legitimate dj's here, my question is mainly for the non-dj's. If you were to remix two songs together, which two songs do you feel are begging to be together at last?
  2. D

    Sammy Zone / Giuseppe D vs Applebeatz - Without You (So Sexy Alex Johnson Remix)

    THIS TRACK IZ OFF DA HOOK!!! Giuseppe D vs Applebeatz - Without You (So Sexy Alex Johnson Remix) - YouTube
  3. tearsoftechnology

    Remix Contest!
  4. tearsoftechnology

    Online Premier of New Remix from Tears of Technology

    Online Premier of New Remix from Tears of Technology Be sure to tune in tonight at 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern when Tears of Technology premiers his remix of Fralia Rosario's "You Are Love". To hear it, you will have to tune in tonight to his online mix show "Revolution of the Mind"...
  5. tearsoftechnology

    Jennifer Glass Remix

    Did a remix for Jennifer Glass. Her track called Return to Love..... Dan
  6. CandyLandGirl

    Domenic Marte - Remix Contest

    With 2 succesful latin bachata singles to his credit "VEN TU" and "ELLA SE LLEVO MI VIDA". Domenic Marte is finally releasing an English Pop song from his album "Intimamente" (J&N / SONY DISCOS). The song is titled "FIND ANOTHER MAN" and there is a Remix Contest Going on Now! For details...
  7. cArLiToS WaY

    ***LoViNg YoU LiKe CrAzY (ToDd TeRrY'S ReMiX)***

    What the f**k was he thinkin'?! I just came across this shit; doing a lil' search on one of those music programs. It's kinda sick, fun at the same time. Check it out. Can I get a release date? Speaking of which, where the f**k is Corina?! She needs to drop a greatest hits album and get the...
  8. CandyLandGirl

    Remix Contest !!

    I'm sure alot of you are aware of Domenic Marte. he started his career as a Freestyle artist with songs like "Here I Am" and "Why 'O Why". These days he's aLatin / Pop artist. He's had 2 Big singles in the Latin market "VEN TU" (bachata song) and "ELLA SE LLEVO MI VIDA" (also bachata)...
  9. A

    where can I find Here I Go Again(Haus-a-holics Remix) by Lynette?

    I am looking for the full version of Lynette - Here I Go Again(Haus-a-holics Remix). I know it's on Divas of Freestyle but it's not the full version. Any help is appreciated.
  10. CandyLandGirl remix

    I just got an email from the Bylli Crayone Online Fan Club and it said that on August 9th there will be a new CD Maxi-Single being released called "THE MEGAMIXXES". It also said that the CD will include 3 unreleased bonus tracks and someone in the fan club said that one of those tracks will be...
  11. B

    mixx it diamond collection dj remix service pack

    a few years back there was an anniversary pack of mixx-it mixes (cameron paul) sold and regrettably i never bought it and have been looking since. it was on a 5 lp pack or 3 cds. id even be up for the cd version although vinyl preferred. any tips?
  12. Vinss-T

    Junior Jack - E Samba (Vinss-T Remix)

    it's not a freestyle song - but w/e i'd like to know what you guys think. here's a sample of my remix, it's kinda latin house with a fun little breakbeat thrown in there. i finished this a few weeks ago. if you want to hear the full version follow the link in my sig! thanks
  13. L

    What is the title, who sings this Dance remix of a BlueGrass tune

    Heard this remix of a bluegrass song, which I can't remember the name, something like "Get up now get ready to go, go now go" mixed to some nice updated beats. Can't remember the name of the original or who sang it. Any ideas?
  14. Company B

    Lisa Lisa "Let The Beat Hit 'Em" the remix!

    Where can I find this pumpin' House vocal of "Let The Beat Hit Em" It's a completely different song from the original, & they used to bump it back in da day alot on the radio. I had it on a radio mix, but that's long gone! Anyone have the mp3??? Please let me know, Thanx! :)
  15. CandyLandGirl

    I downloaded a Freestyle remix of...

    SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT by Corey Hart. Remember that 80s jam? Sounds tite too, if anyone wants it, shoot me an email
  16. T

    Ashley - Here We Are Remix

    Check out DJ Almighty's Remix of Ashley's - Here we are. Click the link to go direct to his mix page!!!:
  17. PRicanPrince

    PRicanPRince Remix!!

    Wsup Fam..Just Want it to share a remix i did on Vocal Image Feat Angel Mena Hope ya like it.. peace 2All..
  18. Vinss-T

    K-Town Kickerz - Winterdream (Vinss-T Remix)

    my latest freestyle remix - actually the original is a euro trance song. K-Town Kickerz really is just what this swedish guy, same age as me btw, calls himself LOL.. so the vocals in this song are just him singing into his computer microphone. i decided to remix it into freestyle and here it is...
  19. smoothrhythm

    Shannon "Give Me Tonight" 2005 Remix

    Stay tuned and coming soon...... A slammin reconstructed soulful house track by yours truly :rasta
  20. N

    Check Out My Cynthia Tribal REMIX