1. S

    Take A Look At These New Freestyle Pics: Reinaldo, George Lamond and more!

    Happy Monday fellow Freestylers! It’s Swins Fontenelle of “Honor Roll Freestyle Fridays” at Sidetracks in Sunnyside, Queens and of Freestyle Universe on and I have my favorite picture share in some time for you all today. A dream of mine came true this past Friday when I got to...
  2. D


    does anyone have this? please send to thank you in advance ;]
  3. J

    Another Night By reinald-o

    Let me guess, Another impossible one to get?
  4. B

    Reinaldo & NV

    I heard Reinaldo is NV. Is this true?
  5. randygalaxy

    Freestyle CD's reinald-o, george lamond etc, & Signed Memorabilia by 12 artist legend

    Freestyle CD's reinald-o, george lamond etc, & Signed Memorabilia by 12 artist legend Some freestyle cd's for sale .. Also a signed poster by 12 artists at one venue from a...
  6. R


    Ok, I Have This Song In My Mind And I Cant Figure Out Who Sings It.. I Think Its Reinaldo. It Goes Like This: I Sit All Alone At Night, Wondering Whos Holding You Tight,tears That Fall From My Eyes. But You Keep Tellin, You Keep Tellin, That We Could Never Spend Another Night Another Night...
  7. K

    Reinaldo's Real Name?

    Does anyone know Reinaldo's Real Name. He sinks Another Night.... and a coupple more that I can't think of the name right now.. Please Help..
  8. D


    Anyone know what happend to him ? ?
  9. D

    Reinaldo Pt.2

    You guys are always right!!! but.... guess what!! The first Reinaldo, the one the song "Another Night", "Forever", and "My Sweet Love" is a guy by the name of Walter Camacho. look inside the Reinaldo album, it says that there were TWO Voices on the album! NOT 3 but, 2!!! There was more...
  10. N


    Great artist from High Power Records...but whatever happend to him? Did he ever release any new tracks? Any info would help thx natedogg
  11. D

    where's reinald-o

    what ever happen to reinald-o ?
  12. A


    Rhoq u are 100% correct , the Reinaldo I know " Walter Camacho "was on High Power from 1991-1994 and did the full Album along with those you metioned . Also doing vocals on the album was Julian Hernandez, Sammy Zone Lopez, This Reinaldo-o did go on to do work with Hot and has two cds out Mi...
  13. Latin Nation

    Whats up with Reinaldo?

    Since no one has repond to my other post on Bernardo and Robbie, I guess no one knows. So I ask where's Reinaldo? I know he change his name to Rei Summers, but I haven't heard from him in awhile. Can Someone find out for me please. Thank you!