1. A

    Record Stores In New Jersey

    Does anybody of any record stores in New Jersey, i'm looking for a store that has a good amount of used records, if anybody know let me know thanks...
  2. Kenny Guido

    Frankie Cutlass record release party w/ RUN DMC, K7, TY BLESS

    Frankie Cutlass record release party w/ RUN DMC, K7, TY BLESS
  3. O

    Freestyle Record Collection On Ebay Now
  4. ChuckD

    Madonna breaks Elvis' record

    Up until last week, Elvis held the title of artist with the most Top 10 hits, with 36. Last week, Madonna broke that record when "4 Minutes" (her colaberation with Justin Timberlake & Timberland) climbed up the Billboard Hot 100 chart, from #68 all the way to #3, becomming her 37th Top 10 hit...
  5. O

    Attention Record Collector's

    visit this new site where you can Buy-Sell-Trade Freestyle Records. Join Today for Free.
  6. O

    Nice Freestyle Record Collection on Ebay

    check it out thanks all
  7. A

    Looking for the record "Moves" by or trade for

    Looking to buy or trade for Moves by Brandon.... hit me up at> Thanks.... Anthony
  8. ChuckD

    record set by Elvis Presley is matched

    Elvis Presley had a total of 36 Top 10 singles, the artist with the most Top 10 singles ever. That feat was matched last week by Madonna, whose new single "Hung Up" is her 36th Top 10 single. If any other singles from her new cd get into the Hot 100 Top 10, she will beat Elvis' record.
  9. O

    Isaac-in My Heart Record On Ebay
  10. A

    Looking for "Memories Of Love" by Michael Vazquez record

    Looking for "Memories Of Love" by Michael Vazquez record. If anyone has one to trade/sell, let me know. Email me at Thanks...
  11. I

    record pressing question

    hello cf, i was just wondering if anyone knows of some good record plants that press both cd's and vinyl at affordable prices, and with good quality of course; im open to all suggestions through out the country, but would like to deal with a plant in the ny metro area. btw, i know metropolitan...
  12. O

    Cd Singles And Record Collection On Ebay
  13. O

    Freestyle Record Collection On Ebay THANKS ALL
  14. O

    Top Dollar Paid For Record Collection

    Hello All, if you are dj/collector looking to sell your freestyle records please pm me. I buy entire collections. thanks all
  15. O

    Isaac-in My Heart Record On Ebay THANKS ALL
  16. M

    Laguna Beach Player eeerrrr hunk to record an album

    Looks like America is catching Laguna beach fever. First kristin is on the cover of 17 mag, now Laguna Player eerrrrr heartthrob Talan is gonna get to work recording an album. he said his music will be a mix of green Day vs My Chemical Romance. What next; Jason opening up a Players ball...
  17. O

    La Paris Record On Ebay Now DIG IN<~~~~~
  18. CandyLandGirl

    Used CD / Record stores in NY ??

    I'll be going to NY this weekend with some friends. We will be in the Times Square area. Can anyone suggest any "USED" CD or Record shops within that area? or close by?
  19. CandyLandGirl

    Record / CD Shopping today

    Look what I got ! All for about $200 45's (the little records) 1. Shake Your Thang - Salt N Pepa (w/ PS) 2. Promise Me - Cover Girls (w/ PS) 3. State of Shock - Michael Jackson & Mick Jagger (w/ PS) 4. Torture - Jacksons (w/ PS) 5. Can You Feel it - The Fat Boys 6. (You Gotta) Fight For...
  20. A

    Record Pool

    Here is a link to a record pool. Listen to and rate new music. Username: Password: Promo