1. C

    I've Been Praying For a Angel???

    Who sing's this,"I've Been Praying For a Angel To come Down From the Skies Above...." i no yall heard it.
  2. NuJerz2001

    Praying for an angel...

    Aight check this out, the song "Praying For an Angel".....who sings is?? Everywhere I look it's a different name, so my ? it: a) Rockell b) Rochelle c) Rockelle Some1 please tell me the "correct" answer!! Thanx a bunch!! Peace!! ;)
  3. A

    Artist Dla"s New Poem .....praying Out Of Darkeness.....

    praying out of darkness days and weeks go by the way im feeling is far beyond happy im feeling like shit im feeling like i can go on im feeling so dam week and all i can do is pray pray for the strenghth to move on to grab ahold of the light cuz im falling in the shadows im being taken into...
  4. R

    "PRAYING FOR AN ANGEL by Marlene Miranda

    I just received a copy of "PRAYING FOR AN ANGEL" by Marlene Miranda (Special thanks to Edwin Ramos). Marlene's vocals are simply amazing. She has a very strong and powerful voice that makes Rochelle's vocals sound weak and amateur at best. The song is very good for a remake and Edwin did an...