1. D

    The holy Grailness of 8 track players! This looks kinda cool... I wonder how much it is?? I have a single player and it seems fine for me....... But this might be good @ a party or what not.......
  2. M

    NBA Players Dress Code

    AI already has a problem. The NBA has now starting today established a dress code for it's players coming to the games, and/or sitting on the bench with injuries. No more Throwback Jerseys/jerseys(except for team you play on) No more bling(gold chains) No more sneakers, sandals No Baggy jeans...
  3. Heavenly

    Players who don't have GAME!!

    You know I really hate PLAYERS *yea men and women* who think they got GAME but don't .... they talk alot of ish and say they like you but when you go for it and get your heart out there they start to act like OHHH NOOO I might ruin my reputation and I have to stay single ... no one can't know...
  4. P

    Players 3 DJS & Entertainment

    Players 3 DJ's & Entertainment Page LOCATION: Long Island, New York CATEGORY: Bartender, Dancer, DJ, Emcee, Foam Party, Karaoke, Live Band, Photographer, Videographer GENRE: Freestyle Mix Masters PHONE: 631-590-5045 AVAILABLE FOR: Anniversaries...
  5. N

    Salary Cap, Yankees "buying" players, etc.

    OMG... Don't even get me started on this "mierda". People just loooove to hate on the Yankees 'cuz they have money. I also keep hearing how the Yankees "buy" the World Series, etc. First of all, the Yankees' high salary failed to earn them a spot in the Fall Classic so that simple fact alone...
  6. lilfreestyleshan

    A players eyes

    Hey guys! It's me again! Anyways..Can you guys get me Julissa (I think thats how you spell her name) A player's eyes lyrics? Thx!:mdance
  7. M

    Baylor Univ. basketball players missing and feared dead

    This week; The FBI has joined the investagation of missing Baylor junior; Patrick Dennehy. Last week, his SUV was found in Va Beach, Va. It had no tags. His teammates are listed as suspects into whatever may have happened to him. The case is in Waco TX now. Denehy is possibly feared dead/murdered.

    whats in your cds players now?

    what is everyone lisn to cd of the week mine is miguel reyes full may and everything after.
  9. D

    Looking for Julissa-A Players Eyes

    If anyone has this on 12" vinyl that they want to get rid of, let me know.
  10. F

    Julissa - A players eyes

    Does ne one have Julissa - A players eyes lyrics? plz help! thnx!
  11. F

    Julissa - A players eyes

    does any one have Julissa - A players eyes.. lyrics? I really need them! thanx!

    clubfreestyle cd walkman players

    how about coming out with cd players with the cf logo on it i would get one .
  13. B

    (Club5) -Calling out all the Players ?

    Players out there represent don't be shyyyyy.Stand up for your rights.:yeey