1. O

    Freestyle Artist Press Photos

    Hello All, I am looking for original artist press photos of any 80s/90s freestyle artists (black & white photos). Please reach out if you have any. Signed or not. I am interested. Feel free to send me a private message here. thank you
  2. E

    Attention CF Members...all attached photos are down

    Just want to let you all know that the photo attachments are down for now, they will be up as soon as we get back up and running strong again. So I would wait if you are gonna upload something. :)
  3. E

    Britney Spears' Honeymoon Photos on eBay (Your thoughts?)

    Story article Britney Spears is furious after learning photos from her 2004 honeymoon with Kevin Federline are being sold on auction website The singer, 24, and her dancer husband Federline, 27, spent 10 days on Fiji's Turtle Island in October 2004 - a month after their secret...
  4. O

    Freestyle Artists Press Photos

    Hello All, i am currently seeking any publicity photos of freestyle artists. yes, i'm talking about the 8X10 black & white press photo's artist would give out at concerts,etc... i am willing to pay top dollar for them. hit me up with what you have. please private message me. thanks
  5. victorvega

    Ghosts orbs on photos. What do you think?

    I have seen many TV shows that claim that white spots on photos or videos also known as ors are ghosts. What do you think? I do believe in spirits. But I think those are dust particles. I have caught some of these so called orbs on my performances. I have photos of some events where they appear...
  6. D.J. Paradise

    Nyasia Photos for Website

    Hello, I need some help from you guys with Nyasias website. I have been gathering up new and old photos of her to put on the site. I'm sure many of you have photos from her performances or just hanging out. I would appreciate to get as many photos as possible so I am asking if you have a photo...
  7. D

    Sweet Sensation Photos from 1990

    Here are a few photos of Betty D., Sheila, and Margie. They were taken back in June 1990 at the 96 TIC listener appreciation party. Their show was awesome, and they look great!!! Betty D., hope you enjoy these and hope you make it up to Massachusetts soon !! Dave
  8. O

    Does anyone have 8X10 Press Photos

    Hello All, does anyone out there have 8X10 press photos of freestyle artists from the late 80s and early 90s. If anyone can help me out, all i need are scans of the actual picture. must be in great quality. if you cann please e-mail me the scans to that would be...
  9. ChuckD

    R.I. Student Reinstated Over Smoking Photos

    A high school student who caught his principal apparently breaking a state anti-smoking law on film was suspended after he posted the photos on the Internet. But the school district on Wednesday reversed course, wiping Eliazar Velasquez's suspension from his record, and saying the principal was...
  10. R

    Having Problem With Photos

  11. victorvega

    Chereé @ Palmers - PHOTOS!!

    Here are some pics from the show at Palmer's on Feb 13, 2004. Thanks to all who came down and showed support, Chereé gets interviewed live on Party 105. Peace and Love!
  12. FrEEjacK

    Mirage photos

    Dreamgirl Cynthia & me at Mirage last Thursday night.
  13. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~CF Event Photos~*~

    Oh Wow........... I just noticed that the "CF Event Pics" section was removed too. :eek: Or is it that I can't find it? I went into "CF Member Photos" and "CF Event Pics" are gone! Anybody know? :confused
  14. E

    Invasion III Photos

    Hi Everyone, For Those of you who are interested, Invasion III Photos are now up. You can link on from a number of sites.,,, (from the photogallery) and will have a link over the next few...
  15. Angelicious

    More Photos!

    One of them is of my sis & I! :heee
  16. T

    Here Are The photos I took from Mickey's Party

    Here Are The photos I took from Mickey's Party On Oct 18 enjoy :D Click Here or Click Here If These Photos are going to be use make sure U put (Photos By Luis J. Mejia Of LJM Imagination and e-mail ) If You want any of the photos printed out please E-mail at
  17. cArLiToS WaY

    A FeW PhOtOs Of CaRLiToS (& FrIeNdS)

    ThE FaCeS oF CaRLiToS WaY This is from a project that I was working on....
  18. J

    Be The Buddy! Cf Members Photos In Freestyle Buddy Software

    Wazzzzzzz up CF PEEPS! I will be randomly choosing member photos from this section to be placed in the Freestyle Buddy Software Screen. Yes Your Face on Freestyle Fans computer desktops all over the world! Be sure you have downloaded the Free software here...
  19. H

    What happened to the CF photos?...

    Is it just me, or have the photos disappeared? I was going to post another flashback... Harv Roman
  20. D.J. Paradise

    Artie, Legit,& Nadine Live Freestyle File Broadcast 4/19-FREE Nyasia Edit CD & Photos

    Artie, Legit,& Nadine Live Freestyle File Broadcast 4/19-FREE Nyasia Edit CD & Photos Wooooooooooooooooo Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!! Got everything ready for the big show. Freestyle Artists'- Artie, Legit & Nadine LIVE during our radio broadcast from 5 to ? We have a new chatroom just in...