1. Dianita

    Online personality vs. offline personality...

    OK, so what's the difference with you guys??? Maybe in person I tend to be a bit more shy at first, but looking how long it took me to post, maybe not...Nope, I'm pretty much the same in person, though once you get to know me more maybe a bit crazier. Most times chatting, I don't give up too...
  2. aim4night

    Can you guess a girl’s personality by the type of dog she owns?

    Can you guess a girl’s personality by the type of dog she owns? Give it a try, ya ugly mutt.* Maxim, April 2004 1. A pampered, spoiled princess with prohibitively expensive tastes. 2. A hip, older woman with a flair for the exotic—likes the drinky drink. 3. She’s intelligent, introspective...
  3. M

    Mr Personality

    Anybody is gonna watch this other piece of junk FOX put out for tonight; Mr Personality? Monica Lewinsky a host....OK????????? That's strange, The US is great; an intern who gives a great US President a Hummer and wear a stain fill blue dress, now she gets to host a show about dopes wearing...
  4. M

    Sexiest Female radio personality in NYC and Miami

    Julia(KTU after 10 weeknights) Judy Torres Fey(of the Y100 Footy and Kenny Morning show) Barbiete Ferra(Mega 103.5) Angie Martinez(Hot 97) Suzi Taverez(Formerly of Y100, now Q100 Atlanta) Mike:)
  5. F


    I was just wondering what my freestylers look for in a person (being that we're into that love music). Does looks mean a lot in a relationship or does personalty out weigh it? I personally think that both do but that personality is more important. The way I see it is that the guy can be fine...