1. Sal Collaziano

    Please read before helping people...

    I'd like to make a request. This isn't a demand and it's not a rule - just something I'd like to see. If you help someone out with a song, please take a moment to go to YouTube, pull up the song/video and copy the link here...
  2. A

    hello freestyler people..

    this is Axeline..from the freestyler world of the Philippines...and happy to be here... Lots of spinning from freestyle experts...
  3. S

    Freestyle people please read my blog: Drive

    Hey freestyle people! Lookout weekend because here I come baby!! I hope you all have plans to have fun like I do. I'm going to my favorite Freestyle spot tonight: The Lemon Tree Lounge in Elmhurst, Queens to see Nayobe knock it out the box!! You can all check the pictures via my online photo...
  4. ChuckD

    ClubFreestyle People's Choice hits for January 2006

    Ok month, new year! Let's see everyone's picks for their top hits for this month! Remember to list your choices artist first. It makes it easier to do the month end and year end chart! :) Here are my picks, so let's see yours! 15. Josie- Parlayin' 14. Eva- Tear Us...
  5. ChuckD

    CF People's Choice for December!!!!

    Ok everyone, it's the last month of the year! Get your posts up and vote for the songs that you are rocking to! Just a side note, I will be closing this thread in the last week of December, between Christmas and New Year's Eve. This will allow me to post the final results of December, as well...
  6. NVDisMa729

    Did people get the email about the concert tonight?

    the concert aint gonna be held at the Borinquen Nightclub. It's been changed to La Martini Lounge.
  7. E

    For Married and Single People

    I recieved this in an email today This is long, but it is DEEP, a must read and please pass it on. To those of you who are single or married, saved or not saved, this is for you. I am a 35 year old brother dying of Aids. I would like to share my testimony with you. I am an owner of a...
  8. ChuckD

    Clubfreestyle Top 10 People's Choice for October

    Ok everyone, put up your votes!!!!! There were so many songs I wanted to include, I extended my own picks to a Top 15. Please list your picks, artist first, then song title. Thanks!!!!!! 15. Miles Petty-Close Your Eyes 14. Miles Petty-Let It Go 13. Ricky Vaz-See My Tears 12. Aby-Right...
  9. tanktruck

    ***Cherry People Get On My Nerves***

    You know what I can't stand are people who act all innosent and dainty. There are 2 people at work who act like this. No, one can stand them. Come to find out one of them have nude pics on-line. We all have faults no one is better than any one else.
  10. HennyLuv159

    Why People so F*CKIN' greedy & nosey !!!!

    Check this out last night one of my co-workers left me a voicemail but my phone was off so he called one of the maintenance guys. The guy from maintenance authorized him to leave the problem as is, so he went home & left it @ that...not why I'm madd. What pisses me the **** off is that he's...
  11. NVDisMa729

    Stupid People

    The other day I was driving to pick up my man at his job. I had the red light & there was about 5 cars ahead of I was into the music..looking at something on the right when I saw the cars start to I started to lift my foot off the brakes when I looked in front of me & saw a baby...
  12. tanktruck

    ***Some People Have No Shame In Public Bathrooms***

    You know I don't personally like using public bathrooms. There nasty and fowl! But, it makes no damn since the one time that I really have to go. I go to a public bathroom at a nice dept. store. Why in the hell did someone take a roudy dump on the floor. WTF!! Some people act like animals!!
  13. R

    thread jackers are people too?

    what is a thread jacker. is he a taker or a giver. does he help or he hurt. does he or she add. or does she or he subtract. what ohhh what is a thread jacker llloll.
  14. Sexyangel329

    Crazy people

    How many of them have you come accross in yoru life smetimes I dont know if I should be scared or pissed lol. Living in NY there are so many crazy ass people it bugs me the hell out have anyone close to you who thought was crazy?
  15. B

    Member Of Village People Arrested

    Victor Edward Willis, who was the original cop in the group, was taken into custody on Monday when a real cop stopped his Corvette and found rock cocaine and drug paraphernalia as well as a .45-caliber handgun. He also was driving without a valid license or identification. Cops also found traces...
  16. N

    Whats up People

    Hey whats up everybody Let me start out by introducing myself. I am 26yrs old originally from New York City but living the life now in South FLorida. I am very proud to be a member of this exciting site if it weren't for my darling sweetheart who means so much to me yes Nessa you know who you...
  17. R

    places where people would like to go on vacation

    name me some places where you guys are going on vacation this summer or where youd like to go? gonna try dominican republic. or cancun prob end up in miami lllloll
  18. R

    people id like to meet

    chuck lol krystal tazee susie del oro bx cookie rickie moreno even though i think she toook off after that post spat she had with somebody other day lol. jack enigma tank
  19. Rickiemorena

    Why do certain people.....

    get so damn nosy so much that they feel the need to ask about your business??? I had that happen to me at work...people are just so damn nosy.
  20. Mix-Master

    doped people 2

    a high person called the restaurant and he asked : do you have dinner ? they say yes then he said : why didn't you invite me over