1. L

    In Love/Maybe No Hope! Part 2

    Hey Everyone!! I am in need of advice again. My first thread about this guy was called In love/maybe no hope and I know the last thing I stated on that thread was we werent speaking because we were in an argument but here we are a few months later and he is back in the picture. I spoke to him...
  2. crazygirl

    "Love" part 2

    it's a beautiful thing.. when you find your other half.. wow.. i never thought i would feel this way... LOVE IS WONDERFUL.. when you find it.. when you fin dthe one 4 you it's perfect.. just wait 4 your time 2 come... it will
  3. La Mas Grande

    So the easy part is over....

    My baby (who told me yesterday morning that he is no longer a baby but a little boy) started school for the first time. Not one tear shed by him, a few from me. Its so hard watching him grow, for some reason harder than it was for my other babies. I saw so much promise in his eyes this morning...
  4. imfromqueenz

    Autographed Pics from Various Artists Part 1

    1st is &More 2nd is FFWD 3rd is Nayobe
  5. Sexyangel329

    A Ladies Night Part 2

    Hey ladies ok I am still working on a club to go to I havent heard anything interesting about any clubs but I am still looking into it but if ya know of something good jumpng off let me know. We as I said could go to Chillies food is great or Gonzalez & Gonzalez where the food is great the...
  6. smoothrhythm

    Supporting Freestyle Music & Its Artists Part III

    O.K. here we go again.....please scroll down.... sike I got ya'll niccas again....Holllllllaaaaaa :bangbang
  7. smoothrhythm

    Supporting Freestyle Music & Its Artists Part II

    Oh I just had to start a new thread to be heard. Jack, this is in no way disrespectful to Clubfreestyle & its Moderators but I must respond to the closed thread... Naya you know as well as me that you are one of the greatest freestyle artists of all time. I will not allow you to get upset and...
  8. Edalgiere

    china club 7/03 part 1

    when i got into nyc it was a bit late and my previously injured knee was starting to hurt and was afraid that by the time i went to jersey i would have missed some of the show. so i decied to do the china club which turned out to be a great move. the club. i couldnt believe it i was in the...
  9. FantasyGerl

    Discusting PART 2!!!

    OKAY! well after my episode with Mcdonalds the other night.. I vowed not to eat it again... My friends were all getting wendy's so i said okay, what the hell.... I order chili and a burger and WHAT DO I FIND FLOATING IN MY DAYUM CHILLI an ANT AGAIN!!!!!!!! This is so ridiculous. 2 fast...
  10. D

    HarD to ParT wiTH!!

    Do any of you have any tapes or even CD's that are so messed up or old that they don't play that well,,,, but you can't throw them away... I DO and it's krazie but I can't toss em.... Hmmmm OH YEA I obsess maybe that's the reason... But for realzzz ne one else?
  11. O

    Rate my mixes - part duex

    I've been asked to share my stuff with the world, and since I won't have time to press these and pass them out, I'm doing it the Hi-tech way; through the Internet. That's right folks, I'm placing some of my mixes online so you can rate them. Let me know if you likes or if you don't...
  12. myonlysweetie

    ~*Henny & Friends Part II*~

    Cheito and Henny Sito and Henny :cheers
  13. ChuckD

    I'm soooo heated, part 2

    I didn't want to keep bumping up the old thread, so here is an update. I found links to the website of the organization that is running the blood drive. I also found the fda's website. both sites have a "contact us" page. You can bet I mailed them this morning to let them know how I feel...
  14. P

    my apology part II

    sadly i listened to every word that you said you thought he was cheating and you were really scared I stood and watched the misery that you were going through while i was the reason he was cheating on you i was so confused i didn't know what to do i knew deep inside that he wanted me too i tried...
  15. La Mas Grande

    The Ladies in Fl part II

    Here are my pic's....... 1st Krys and Heavenly 2nd Ness and Me 3rd Chuck and Me :)
  16. ChuckD

    LOL!!!!!! Hot or not, part 2!

    Ok, a while ago, I posted that I had placed my pic on a gay pride website, in the hot or not section. Well, you have to be a member there to vote for me, and I had a few people here post that they wanted to vote for me. Well, I went to, and created a page with my most recent pic...
  17. bullboykennels

    Freestyle-vs-Reggeaton Part 2 the faster jam

    Ok wasn't sure if I was gonna post this one but since alot of there's did downlaod Freestyle-vs-Reggaeton together the slow jam ,... so I went ahead and added this one as well. Song is (If You Say You Want Me-Soave Amor-Beats from Luny Tunes Kings of Beats) I did this one but it's a...
  18. ChuckD

    ~*~Our Loved Ones, Part 2~*~

    hey LaBetty. Hope you don't mind I "sampled" your title here. We've all wished each other Happy Valentine's Day, and to loved ones who are no longer here....... This thread is late, but I want to acknowlege the friends who are not on cf, who have helped or touched us in some way. To Mike &...
  19. chinkstha84

    marc anthony was part of latin rascals?

    was it true that latin pop singer/actor marc anthony was part of an awesome freestyle group called latin rascals? some girl was tellin me this late last nite. iwas like really? jack
  20. kxrider375

    ?? for the ladies from the Followers/Stalkers (Part 2 Enigma Thread)

    This is for you ladies because I have always been curious about what it took to actually talk to you with out getting slapped. Now that most of us have admitted to following beautiful women (Enigma thread). I was wondering how one would approach a lady such as yourselves and not look like some...