1. P

    Can't get this girl outta my MIND!

    Alright, I'm in the mood to get this off my chest & used to come here a lot to do it...so I'm gonna do it anyway & there probably won't be more than FIVE of you who reads it. But any input...even ONE response, would be nice. I've been married for quite some time now....me & my wife seperated...
  2. C

    'outta control' 1994 -1996 dance song

    Subject: dance hit from 90's Date: 09-13-2005 Author: Sharon Does anyone remember the song 'outta control' It was by a female singer and came out around 1994-96. It had an upbeat tempo. Thanks, Dan
  3. italo512

    well im outta here!!!

    im leaving for the airport to go to fla. to bring my love back for good.what a drive its gonna be!!!!!! wish me luck,and ill chat with you all when i get back. later all!!!!!
  4. ChuckD

    Excuse the phuk outta you?????

    Ok, so I was temporarily transfered to a different location last week, and will be there to help until the end of next week. Well, last week, I was getting to know everyone, so I kept joining them for lunch. So I ate out for lunch every day, as well as at two birthday parties over the weekend...
  5. LaBettyBoop

    *~*~I'm Outta Here Tonight~*~*

    I'll be on my way to Florida tonight. Not a vacation. Just a 2 day affair. I have an exam to take out there for a future government job. So wish me luck. If all goes well, I'm out of NYC within a year or 2. :)
  6. J

    I'm outta here

    Going to catch some Zzzzzzzzzzzzz's:sleep :sleep :sleep Peace out
  7. Baby1010

    outta hereeeeeeeeee :)

    Hey guys anyone know what club is good for tonight......... So far we going either to the Copa or Pearl But well see when we get to the city...Any suggestions.. Im outta here in an hour... :) :dlook
  8. P

    My roomates' family was almost outta a home

    They had a fire next door & almost got burned outta a place. This is why I say..."GET RENTERS INSURANCE" You never know when something can happen to you. I got to much stuff that I invested in my home for my family..And I'm not gonna lose it all on account of a fire or whatever. Does anyone else...
  9. DJ RENE G

    New Freestyle straight outta TX!!!

    Self titled CD "Jeannie" has now been released. Jeannie had a record release party last sunday and performed several of her new songs and rocked the house. Make sure you check out these cuts on her CD "The Wild Star" & "Runaway". Make sure you especially check out Track 10 on her CD "Phantom Of...
  10. Elear

    People Who Have Info On The Compilation Outta Jersey...read!!!

    There Was A Compilation Released Through A Label Out Of New Jersey. On The Cd It Says " If You Aint Down With Us,Then You Just Aint Down " The Compilation Is Off The Hook. The Person Who Owns The Label Is The Old Skool Group " Nu-Image " The Last Song On The Compilation Is " Tears In My Eyes "...