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    Omar Santana on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on kicks the door open for new possibilities on the Thursday, April 21st, 2016 edition with extra special guest - Legendary DJ - Producer - Engineer: Omar Santana! Your host: Freestyle Universe's Swins Fontenelle goes from...
  2. melissa figueroa

    Omar Santana

    Does anyone know where I can get edit madness
  3. L

    dedicated to omar martinez RiP LUV YA !!!

    Yo NENA (ROSANGELA ORTEGA) i know how it feelz to loose sum one in ur life dat u love so here i made diz few lines hope u likes em holla bak chika!!! Tears drop from my eyes, Cuz I never got to say goodbye. datz just remorse speaking for letting that chance pass by For now I know that your...