1. LaIndia320


    A person who I’ve observed closely for the past 6 months. He is a wonderful person inside and outside. Angelino has many positive things that I can say about him. He is tall, he is 5’10; he has short black hair that when you pass your hands through it all you feel is softness of it. He has...
  2. Edalgiere

    an observation of cf

    when i post a new thread sometimes it is to inform of many things or even a hump day wish what ever these post generate few replys but post something sexy and nasty get like 100 replys go figure ;)
  3. J

    Jack G and CF - just an observation

    Come on... So much drama.. I mean.. when yall said that K7 had left the site, I thought that was pretty bad... I am sad to see them go, and ofcourse their babes in bikinis choices were definately a nice addition. BUT TO GO AND DELETE all their posts and forums... well.. I dunno.. Gosh... I...