1. Kenny Guido

    Kings & Queens Of Freestyle Concert Sun National Bank Center Pixxxx!!!!

    Kings & Queens Of Freestyle Concert Sun National Bank Center Pixxxx!!!!
  2. E

    National DO NOT CALL Registry.....

    National DO NOT CALL Registry..... JUST A REMINDER... 31 days from today, cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS... To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: >...
  3. NVDisMa729

    National Lampoons Vacation

    There's nothing else on tv and this used to be my favorite movie when I was little so I decided to watch it. There's a part where the 2 girl cousins are talking & one mentions french kissing & her dad says she's the best at it. EEEEEEWWW That's gross. I'm surprised the many times I've seen that...
  4. N

    Shannon on national tv!

    Thats right! Shannon will be on NBC'S show "Hit Me Baby One More Tme".The show will be on tomorrow at 9pm.The winner gets a donation made out to their favorite charity.
  5. D

    Damian Wild's New Single Enters The National Radio Pop Chart!!!!

    Hey everyone!!! Just found out that after being in release for a couple of months, my latest single "Another Heartache" has finally cracked the National CHR/POP Radio Play chart!!!
  6. ChuckD

    Trip to Valley Forge National Park

    Here are some pics from the last trip I made to Pa to see Scott. the first two are of me, and the last is the both of us. If Scott knew I was putting his pic here, he'd kill me....lmao shhhh.....
  7. R

    Air National Guard Drive BY

    JUst for the record, the drive by that occured on the school in NJ was done accidently by a Air National Guard pilot supposingly lost. DUCK!!! :hohsit
  8. sietzsounds

    national celibacy day...

    Don't forget: National Celibacy Day November 2 NO DICK - NO BUSH Pass on this info --your life may depend on it
  9. cArLiToS WaY

    La InDiA PeRfoRmInG @ a PrIvAtE EvEnT FoR ThE DeMoCrAtiC NaTioNaL CoNvEnTiOn

    Personally, THAT's big news. As many of you know, the DNC is in Boston and everyone and anyone who you could think of is in town for the next few days. Hillary & Bill Clinton, Ben Affleck, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ludacris & so many others are here to support Kerry/Adams and the city of...
  10. C

    Natalise on national TV (with new music)

    Natalise will be on national television as a featured guest on StirTV. It will air nationally on ICN (the International Channel) on June 16th (Wednesday) @ 8pm and Jun 19th (sat) @ 9pm. In the SF Bay Area, it will re-air on June 19th (Sat) @ 6:30pm and June 22nd (Tue) @ 5pm on KTSF. In Hawaii...
  11. M

    X-Tina Scagulara Murders the National Anthem

    On Sunday at The NBA All-Star game in LA. Christina Skankulara was singing the national Anthem. Nelly Furtado did a great job with the Canadian Anthem(because of The Raptors.). Agulara had a drummer play while she was singing, she was out of tune, she was trying to sing like it was a caberat...
  12. M

    Congrats to National Champs; LSU/USC

    Well, thank you BS eerrrrrrr BCS, USC and LSU are co-National Champs. Okla, biggest fruads of the year. Those who backs the BCS gets what they deserve. This proves the system is a fruad.
  13. M

    St Bonaventure is a National Disgrace

    NCAA March Maddness is a couple of weeks ahead. The Madness has already begun!! 4 Division 1 NCAA Basketball teams has been ban from the tournament for recruiting violations!! Fresno State Georgia(pending) Michigan St Bonaventure But here's what these a$$holes at St Bonnie did. Because they...
  14. D

    R&B Artist Singing National Anthem For ArenaBowl XVI Champions

    R&B Artist Singing National Anthem For ArenaBowl XVI Champions Dhebei returns this season for another spectacular Anthem rendition Fresno and San Jose, CA, February 14, 2003 – The ALF’s ArenaBowl XVI Champion San Jose Saber Cats have asked Dhebei to return for the second year to sing her...
  15. E

    National Security (the movie)

    For those who like a good laugh go see National Security starring Martin Lawrence. The movie was really funny through out the whole movie. Go check it out I saw it last night.
  16. L

    National Talent Tour

    People want to know why Stylin' Free / Metropolitan doesn't release any new artist. Well the reason is the product we receive just isn't happening! I still get an average of about 12-25 demos a day. I've actually gotten to the point where I don't even listen to much of it. If the package is...