1. D

    Looking for Monet on CD

    I have been looking for the Monet CD for a while now and have only come across a tape. Does anyone know where I can get a CD of Monet's hits? :listen
  2. B

    name(s) of backup singers shannon monet etc

    whats the name of the female backing vocalist(s)
  3. N

    Frankie Cutlass in search of Monet

    Frankie Cutlass is looking for an artist by the name of Monet, she is an old time friend of his, last he heard she was in Orlando. Does anyone have any info on her?
  4. T

    im trying to find the monet album ,does someone here has it?

    im looking for the album leave the lights on by monet.does anyone at cf know exactly how i can find it?it was a very soulful freestyle album.monets voice is very soulful compared to alot of other freestyle artist.her voice was a mixture of RB and freestyle,she just had a distinctive soulful...
  5. Kenny Guido

    MONET "Leave the lights on" album

    ok, today i happened to strike gold today at an outdoor flea market and besides finding a crap load of cheap freestyle cds, i finally came across the VHTF "LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON" album by MONET. BUT, it was on "CASSETTE". My question is, was it ever availible on "CD" format?
  6. M

    i am looking for Monet "Give into love"

    it was on the album titled "leave the lights on" with the song "my heart gets all the breaks" plz let me know if anyone has a copy of it... thank you very much
  7. T

    Dark Monet

    You ask me to paint a portrait of the world........... What is it you want to see? A perverse reality where the innocent aren't so innocent anymore. Guilty because of their freedom. A reality where the virgin is a whore, the priest her pimp. The children die of hunger, while the rich look...
  8. B


    Whatever happened to Monet? She had some phat tracks back in the 80's.