1. F

    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday?

    (Female)Thursday, Friday, Saaaaaaturdayyyy, Looooove. I, I, I, I, I, I, IIIIIII. (Male) Girl can't fiiiiiiiiiiii-innnndddd. <drums> (Deep Male Voice) Love. --- This is super tough. I use to hear this song on the radio in Miami when I was little. Then I heard it at a freestyle concert in Ft...
  2. M

    RIP Monday Night Football: 1970-2005

    Last night game with THe Pats vs The Jets concluded the end of a Sports Entertainment era. That was the last Monday Night Football Game on ABC. It will be on ESPN next year. But Monday Night Football showed that Pro sports was ready for Prime Time and Sports and Entertainment can mix with all...
  3. ChuckD

    Monday Afternoon shoutouts!!!

    Holla to all the cfers online now!!!! Brklyn345 cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Enigma Freestygal joel.nmn k7ktu Krystal lachicabella Lamondfan Latin Nation legit melissa figueroa yburgos7 :wave
  4. ChuckD

    Monday Night Shoutouts!

    Holla to all the cfers online now! 1bxdiamond Bklynfox ChuckD Da Greek djluigi1985 esmeraldaarceo Fire Song moudy79 papachunk ROXYGURL SONYA tallflip Veronica
  5. ChuckD

    Monday afternoon shoutouts!

    Holla to all the cfers online now! cArLiToS WaY ChuckD DaveG> Dianita Edalgiere EZE2K3 Freestygal lil_reeses lvhrtz2 Mike4949 Mix It Up muzik Poetry In Motion victorvega
  6. ChuckD

    Monday Night Shout outs!

    Holla everyone online now!!!! cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Edalgiere Enigma HennyLuv159 lady_Manda NickENormus QuEeNsGuRL24 Rookie SEDUCTIVE NENA
  7. ChuckD

    Monday Night Shoutouts!

    Holla to everyone online now!!!!! Angel Moreno Brklyn345 ChuckD CrazyGirl Dianita Gornicevo JackG jazzy4u lady_Manda taezee Winter_Chill yburgos7
  8. ChuckD

    Monday afternoon shout outs!

    Holla cfers!!!! Good to see you all here. beatsfromdapast Brklyn345 Capricorn1 cArLiToS WaY chinkstha84 Chris-TheNuk ChuckD Claybricks CrazyGirl Dianita hear say LaIndia320 Latino wit talent mike4949 myonlysweetie NVDisMa729 QuEeNsGuRL24 Tamara Santiago This Is GoodBye tito puente jr. yburgos7
  9. ChuckD

    Monday night shoutouts.

    Holla to everyone who is online now. BabyBeTTYBooP bphilzo cArLiToS WaY ChuckD Detourec Edalgiere lachicabella latin babe boi luckyboylopez mandana1976 ramrod raquii rbonuc29 TreeAngel
  10. ChuckD

    Monday Night Shoutouts!

    Holla to everyone on CF right now!!!!! BigMARC ChuckD Freestyle Avenger freestylerick JerseyGirlJenn lachicabella melissa figueroa Middle guy SEDUCTIVE NENA Unique_Freestyle Vinss-T
  11. ChuckD

    Monday Night ShoutOuts!!!!!!!!!!

    Tuesday Night ShoutOuts!!!!!!!!!! Holla to everyone online now!!!!!!!!!!! Brklyn345 caramelo ChuckD damianwild Edalgiere korupted Legit lonely4eva mike4949 RUMMY-G Scott SEDUCTIVE NENA sexyangle329 sietzsounds taezee TOURBOSS Unique_Freestyle and the members on "invisible" :wave
  12. ChuckD

    Monday shoutouts....

    Holla to everyone online now!!!!! ChuckD Angel Moreno BabyBeTTYBooP BBOY3000 caiosoccer D.J. Paradise Dianita G_I_JOE_EMR HennyLuv159 myonlysweetie Nyasia Rookie Sexyangel329 SuperLatinDad taezee Willie Valentin
  13. ChuckD

    Happy Monday morning!!!

    Holla cfers! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!! I was busy as all hell........Softball game, Martini Lounge on Saturday, and Harvest Fest on Sunday. I'm tired, and need more sleep. How many more days to the weekend????? :lol
  14. ChuckD

    Monday night shout outs!!!

    Holla to everyone online now!!!! aces16 Betty Dee Capricorn1 cArLiToS WaY CrazyGirl DiaMoND_GiRL DreamGirl drgngold Edalgiere Enigma Fadia HennyLuv159 imfromqueenz JerseyGirlJenn Mix It Up Rookie SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329 smoothrhythm yburgos7
  15. Sexyangel329

    Happy Monday

    Hello everyone its bootiful out we went to go do laundry at 8:30 this morning I hate doing laundry now I got to go get Tavi a back pack :) Hope everyone is enjoying there day off
  16. ChuckD

    Monday shoutouts!!!!!

    Big HELLO to everyone online now!! cArLiToS WaY colvs DiaMoND_GiRL djantonio72 DJ_OxYgEn_NyC dutch FRANKIEBOYSQUEEN Harv Roman joey kid JohnFly5 Kary lachicabella LaIndia320 muzik Nasty1 NVDisMa729 Nyasia payac PRicanPrince Rookie Sam Romano SEDUCTIVE NENA Sexyangel329
  17. ChuckD

    Happy Monday!

    Good morning cfers!!!! Ok, it's Monday....not much we can do but get through it. :losmile have a great day everyone! :wave
  18. Sexyangel329

    Good Monday

    Agh back to work lol it is sure to be a fun filled week for me lol I am already looking forward to the end of the week but arent we all wishing every one a great Monday back to work and hope your week is a good one :)
  19. B

    Monday Afternoon Shoutout

    ok heres a MONDAY AFTERNOON SHOUTOUT TO ALL CF'RS ON LINE cratebug, D.J. Paradise, DiaMoND_GiRL, HennyLuv159, JohnFly5, michelle28, nessa's302, Nyasia, NYC'sfinnest, payac, QuEeNsGuRL24, Sexyangel329, Vinss-T and to everone who logs on after HOOOOOLLLLLAAAA!!!
  20. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Well, Good Monday~*~

    Good Morning and good day everybody. :wave Smile and let's make the week go by fast. :dancingb Miss ya' all. Have a wonderful day. :heee