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    Pretty 52 : Part I Copryright Mkz 2003

    More dazzling than one could ever dare imagine Eyes that hide the mystique No words could ever come close to describing them For man has not yet created the words to explain such beauty More gentle than a mother’s kiss on a wounded heart These lips, soft as a rose pedal in full bloom The...
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    If You Love Me - Copyright Mkz 2002

    ok, i've recieved 4 different requests from ladies to write songs for them/people they know for different reasons. so i'm gonna have to expand my horizon and TRY, and i do mean TRY to write songs for girls. here is my first attempt. (is this trial by fire or what?) Tell me why Tell my why are...
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    Shakespeareinluv / Mkz

    i know we're not suppose to post a link. but it just wouldn't work any other way. sorry. this link is to a page from a school web site project i had to make. it's not the best picture, but oh well.
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    Turn My Heart To You - Copyright Mkz 2002

    -you might think i actually had someone special to write about for this song......yeeeaaaaaaah right. still single......still lookin. I could try to explain to you All these feelings I have for you You brighten up my day and more Each one’s better than the day before Cause you lift me up...
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    Not With Me - Copyright Mkz 2002

    There are times That we cry We have never been satisfied With the one That we’re with Does it have to be like this If you knew What I feel You would know, my love’s for real I could never Let you go You make up my heart and soul From the day That you came My whole life, is not the same I believe...
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    Make A New Start - Copyright Mkz 2002

    The day that you left me You should have known I wouldn’t make it All on my own I know that I told you, I would be strong I could forget you, but I was wrong And now that you’re gone, I’m feeling so all alone But if I could turn Back the hands of time I would make no mistakes I would make you...
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    Memories Of You - Copyright Mkz 2002

    When I close my eyes I can see your face And I start to cry I just can’t explain This loss I feel for you Since you said we’re through My heart asks me why You left without goodbye And these memories I have of you Are locked inside, what can I do I can’t get over losing you I don’t know how to...
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    Memories Of You - Copyright Mkz 2002

    lol, oops .
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    Without You - Copyright Mkz 2002

    Girl I just cannot believe That you’re really leaving me After all the things that we’ve been through It will be hard to go on now Without you girl, I don’t know how All I want is just to be with you Baby I will miss your warm embrace The way that smile shines on your face All I can do now, is...
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    Lonely Nights - Copyright Mkz 2002

    I sit crying, all alone at night Thinking of how I miss you so I’ve been trying, to forget you But these memories, I just can’t let go Cause every moment, I’m without you I feel the walls are falling down With every tear drop, my heart aches for you I only wish that you were here And these...
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    Silent Rain - Copyright Mkz 2002

    As I look out my window tonight I see the raindrops falling down My whole world, has turned so cold And you’re not here to hold Everything that ever meant Anything to me is gone Without you by my side and in my life I can’t go on Everything that was to be Had faded away, and now I see I can't...
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    Back In My Life - Copyright Mkz 2002

    OK, THIS IS THE CHANGES TO AN EARLIER SONG: BACK IN MY LIFE - MKZ 2002 I’ve been crying all night long I wonder where you’ve gone I never knew love could hurt like this I feel I can’t go on And all this pain you left behind The day you went and said goodbye Has tore apart my heart It’s killing...
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    Whatever You Go Through - Copyright Mkz 2002

    When life is going nowhere And you feel nobody is there Have strength to know you’ll make it through When the pain inside is too much And if the road you choose gets tough Just know that I am here for you I’ll be standing there beside you Know my love is here to guide you And I promise that...
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    She Left Me - Copyright Mkz 2002

    She was a dream come true, she was the air I breathe She was all I knew, she was my everything Now things have changed, she’s gone away She left me here to live this way I can’t believe that I was blind I should have seen she wasn’t mine She left me all alone this way She left me here to...