1. D

    Carlos Berrio vs Sammy Zone - Without You (Giuseppe D vs Applebeatz Greysound Mix)

    Crazy Mixxxx!! :cool: Carlos Berrio vs Sammy Zone - Without You (Giuseppe D vs Applebeatz Greysound Mix) - YouTube
  2. C

    New mix not freestyle..enjoy

  3. C

    New mix not freestyle, but enjoy all

    check out this new mix has a few classics remix in 2010 style on it enjoy http://djfrankcee.podomatic.com
  4. D

    T.G.I.Freestyle Vol. 5

    Dj Destruct Pres. T.G.I.Freestyle Vol. 5 Oct 2010 Download @ http://www.mediafire.com/?cf95cs32i52i5su 01. Freebase - New production 02. 21 East - Who you lovi'n tonight 03. Cynthia - Love me tonight 04. The Remix - Booty beats 05. Corina - Temptation 06. DMX feat. Stephanie Marano - Secret...
  5. tearsoftechnology

    Podcast of Breakbeat Mix Sets

    Podcast of Breakbeat Mix Sets http://www.504productions.com/podcast_generator/index.php
  6. A

    pure energy mix? ay papi no pares...

    Been going crazy for years...power 96 would often use in their mixes. Sounds like it samples information society's "pure energy" then a girl comes out saying ay papi no pares ay ay papi no pares and has a hard break beat following. Please help, any ideas???:confused:
  7. N

    dj twist mix cd that i heard in '2001

    i heard a dj twist mix in 2001 that had a version on air supply's "i'm all out of love " . tried to find it but all i can find is the "taste of love cd" any help would be appreciated......
  8. Kenny Guido

    "download Free" Freestyle Mix, Ktu's, Pulse 87 & Sirius's Dj James Anthony!

    "download Free" Freestyle Mix, Ktu's, Pulse 87 & Sirius's Dj James Anthony! "download Free" Freestyle Mix, Ktu's, Pulse 87 & Sirius's Dj James Anthony! http://www.newyorkfreestyle.com/freestyle/showthread.php?p=48138#post48138
  9. tearsoftechnology

    Free Dance Mix Sets

    Uploaded some new mix sets for free download here: http://www.504productions.com/dance_mixes.php Also, new music added to my site from Amy Tori, Vinss-T, Tears of Technology, London Exchange, DJ Kayden and more! http://www.tearsoftechnology.com/
  10. D

    Dj Debo - Video Podcast - Ten Minute Quick Mix

    Hey Everyone, Just thought I would share my new (and first) Video Podcast. It's Funky house and I tried a new thing with "mixer cam" Hope you enjoy! Also, I'm looking for guest mixes for my iTunes podcast, which reaches about a thousand people monthly, all over the world. It's a good...
  11. J

    Sad Girl Freestyle Mix *free* Download Now!

    This is the mix that started the entire "Sad Girl Freestyle" mixes. It was released Dec 1995 2 weeks before Christmas I sold 15,000 copies on tapes that Christmas. Since then It has sold over 100,000 copies and has been bootlegged all over the world! The original release did not have my name...
  12. tearsoftechnology

    New Mix CD - Still

    http://www.504productions.com/mp3/preview/mixsets/TearsofTechnology-Still-TheMixCD48.m3u Tears of Technology - Still Amy Tori - Crying (504 Freestyle Mix) Tears of Technology - Empathy (Club Mix) London Exchange - Memories of You (504 Club Mix) Amy Tori - Another Story (504 Freestyle Mix)...
  13. cutupkid

    Freestyle Mix for share (Chicago-Style)

    Hi everyone! Made this mix awhile back and thought i would share it with you all. I will be sure to post a downloadable version shorly but for right now here's a link to it hosted on Imeem. http://www.imeem.com/people/7L6K7j/music/uAqm98hr/dj_gil_various_broken_hearted_3/ - Gil...
  14. eldjdelcaribe

    Live DJs in the mix Marathon today all day 6Am til 3AM!

    This Saturday - Starting at 6AM 24 Hours - All LIVE! All times are in CST (central time zone) * 6:00am - 8:00am CRash * 8:00am - 10:00am DJ Leo * 10:00am - 12:00pm DJ Zita Zie * 12:00pm - 2:00pm DJ Angel * 2:00pm - 4:00pm DJ Boogie Bhang * 4:00pm - 6:00pm DJ Wil...
  15. eldjdelcaribe

    Freestyle Music Live Mix show every Wednesday night @ 8PM!

    Hello All! For all the music lovers out there we have a station were we play lots of Freestyle music on www.clubmegamix.com 24/7 stop by and listen to one of my live mix show every Wednesday at 8 PM.
  16. T

    Columbus Day Mix Madness II

    It's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Mark Your Calendars as Mix Madness returns on Monday, October 13th, Columbus Day. Attention Dee Jays: First, we want to thank all the great DJs that submitted their mixes during our first Mix Madness Event. Second, Get your mixes ready for Mix...
  17. tearsoftechnology

    Rvolution of the Mind Mix Show Starts 7pm Central Fridays

    Revolution of the Mind - 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern Breaks, eHop, Nu Skool Breakz, Progressive Breaks, Trance, Freestyle, Old School, & Even Original Tracks from Tears of Technology himself..... 2 Non-stop Hours Every Friday Night, Starting at 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern... Broadband: NOW...
  18. DJ Dee X-Man

    Planet Rock ~ World of Freestyle mix

    Currently playing @ freestylemania is DJ Dee X-Man's latest mix entitled: Planet Rock ~ World of Freestyle Intro - DJ DEE X-MAN Planet Rock Intro Mix - AFRIKA BAMBAATAA Real Love - LIL SUZY I've Got To Let You Know - LIL JOHANNA I Want Your Love - NATALIE Your Love - LAMOUR I Can't Live...
  19. F

    Mix 102. 7 DJ Suing Frankie Blue

    Mix 102.7 DJ Yvonne Valezquez is suing the station along with former station program director Frankie Blue for $1 million. Last yr, Yvonne wasnt able to attend the station;s Christmas party due to family obligations. When she got to the station for her shift that night, Frankie Blue flee into a...
  20. N

    Another NAW-T-BOY Mix

    DOWNLOAD NOW More Mixes Available at nawtboy.com