1. ¤

    Missing You by CORO

    I'm looking for the SPANISH version of this song. I KNOW it exists. Please help!!!!!!!!

    Pic Missing From Nyasia's Shower....

    We had DJ Paradise modeling the hat and now here is the pic of the late comer to the Shower. Walking in like nothing lol
  3. Sexyangel329

    Missing Philly woman Pregnant

    Why isnt this making major headlines I am curious to know. PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- Police in Philadelphia are searching for a 24-year-old pregnant woman who has been missing for more than a week. Latoyia Figueroa was last seen on the afternoon of July 18 in the area of 59th and...
  4. D

    Heres another missing Classic

    ok you guys are pros at this so Im sure someone will know these. Title "Let Me Go" Artist: ???(Females) Verse: You are changin, youre re-arrangin my world somehow. Do you still love me? are we standing on Solid ground. (I forget the rest of the verse) Chorus: Let me go,,,let me go, If youre...
  5. L

    really missing you...

    hey everyone..... sorry it's been so long again, here's an email i sent my girl tonight, she's been gone on vacation for 2 weeks, the part about her parents hating me is an "inside" thing I know I just sent you an e-mail like two hours ago....... but I really miss you right now. I just...
  6. This Is GoodBye

    ShoutOuts To Missing Artists

    I Would Like To Give A ShoutOut To All The Artists That DID A One Hit Wonder I Wish Theyt Would Come Back!!!! Nina Bena - Sweet Heart Jevon - Why Did You Lie Joey Gold - Devil In My Heart Daniella - Every Whisper Julie - Comin Out Of Hidin Casa - You And Me And All The Others I Cant Remember...
  7. NuJerz2001

    OMG!! Missing NJ boys suffocated....

    OMG!! Check this out!! :( http://www.yahoo.com/_ylh=X3oDMTEwdnZjMjFhBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEdGVzdAMwBHRtcGwDaW5kZXgtY3Nz/s/245026
  8. M

    Coverage of Missing Women racist?

    USA Today did a story of Timika Hudson, a woman in Fla who has been missing for 2 years. Hudson is black. A reported brought this to the attention of why her dissapearance and the three girls in Kansas who was also missing and turned up dead and was also black did not get the big media search...
  9. Sexyangel329

    Missing Girl in Aruba

    What do ya think happend, it is ****ed up how she had no friends who were looking out for her shiat if I am on a trip somewhere I never been and Im with my girls im gonna make sure they ok and not bouncing with some strange dudes seh dont even know. I think these 3 dudes deff had soemthing to...
  10. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Someone's Missing~*~

    Where's Henny? :rolleyes
  11. Angelicious

    Angel Missing Her Halo

    Yuppers! That's Me! Moi, Me. :cheer
  12. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Missing My Baby~*~

    My little princess so soft and sweet Those little hands and little feet Your laugh, your smile I miss you so Inside I can't help to feel alone Since I don't see you anymore day in and day out You stay on my mind, I miss you no doubt I remember seeing you first thing in the morning Now I look at...
  13. Delisious

    Missing CF

    Hola Everyone...Just here passing by saying "Hi" Missing the jokes and the stories ooo So much. I'll be back soon I hope LOL So the computer is still in storage. I have finally moved from the house from Hell. Sold and paid. Thank God. I close on my new house next week . So till then I have been...
  14. H

    I'm Missing You

    It was a lovely night the stars were shining and like a child I find myself crying I can't believe you can do this to me knowing that for you I'll always be trying. I don't wanna live I feel like I could die late at night I cry and now I find you in the arms of another man. I'm missing you I'm...
  15. cArLiToS WaY

    MiSsInG ThReAdS- SoMeOnE XpLaIn

    Yo, some sketchy shit is going on with this whole Copa and Latin Quarter-soon-to-be-overly-exaggerated-drama....it's wierd. :lame When threads ARE moved.....where are they moved to? I'd like to continue with the thread and follow-up with it.....if I knew where it was moved to. And why is...
  16. jazzy4u

    So sad ( Missing Girl Body Found)

    My God this news gave me the chills and made me cry. SARASOTA, Florida (Feb. 6) --A body believed to be the remains of missing Florida girl Carlie Brucia was found early Friday behind a church off Interstate 75, law enforcement sources in Sarasota told CNN.The 11-year-old's abduction on...
  17. Psycho

    Um, there's seems to be a Thread missing.

    So the powers that be wanna knock me out the box by deleting my thread, the thread that started it all. Well i think that it's not fair for the future voters to be denied the right to see the thread. Where they can see members opinions and how this poll started in the first place. I would love...
  18. urdestiny

    missing music

    hey im trying to find a freestyle cd that i had and i think it was house party vol. 3 do anyone her have it and can send me the names of the tracks, please
  19. mzcrazybtch

    Missing daddy

    Feeling abandoned and very lost I wish you were still living here I couldn't believe you retired so soon And moved so far from here As I sit here trying hard to cope and adjust Fighting back tears as not to cry You're living now where you belong I knew it wasn't a good-bye It was more like dad...
  20. LaIndia320

    Who are you Missing?????

    Hi all Im just wondering. Like myself Im missing my Fav. Uncle who was the life of the party!!! He Passed in 98 and I do miss him every year he was my partna in dancing in family functions. I do miss him!!! If this thread bothers anyone I want to apologize. :angel...