1. D

    Dj Debo - Video Podcast - Ten Minute Quick Mix

    Hey Everyone, Just thought I would share my new (and first) Video Podcast. It's Funky house and I tried a new thing with "mixer cam" Hope you enjoy! Also, I'm looking for guest mixes for my iTunes podcast, which reaches about a thousand people monthly, all over the world. It's a good...
  2. lonely4eva

    hey its L4E, its been a minute but now i'm back

    hey everybody its me LONELY4EVA, have'nt been on 4 a while but now i'm back, hope 2 catch up wit my old friends on here and lookin 4ward 2 making new ones 2
  3. K

    Been a minute

    so I figured I'd drop by to see what the peeps of CF were up to. Yea it's me MakeYaDance. I forgot my password so I registered another name. Anyway just dropping by to see what was poppin.
  4. N

    NAW-T-BOY - GOT Freestyle? (80 Minute Mix) (Free Download)

    CLICK HERE or visit www.nawtboy.com
  5. taezee

    last minute add on "recording artist" for the copa show!!

  6. Heavenly

    8 Minute Dating

    Has anyone ever done the 8minute dating??? Just curious we are having quite a few here and I saw something about it on the Oprah Show.
  7. Nyasia

    Something for the fans, taking the spotllight off the artist for a minute.

    imagine if you will, that the tables are turned around and you were judged as fans. Would you have what it takes to be a "FAN" would your "Fan"ship be worthy? imagine the pressure some of you might go through just to be accepted as fans? it's not easy in any case. Imagine being judged because...
  8. smoothrhythm

    In the midnite Wait a minute ...........

    I can be in a lonely place Then along you come with the sweetest thing to say And put the sun in my day. So baby come and rescue me I'm burnin up! I got somethin' for you to see I'm burnin up! Baby come and take me there I'm burnin up! Trust me you should Hurry up! Baby I'm just burnin up! I'm...
  9. Lamatrix

    Take A Minute And Read

    On the last day before Christmas, I hurried to go to >__ the store to buy the remaining gifts I didn't manage >__ to buy earlier. > >__ When I saw all the people there, I started to complain >__ to myself: 'It is going to take forever here and I >__ still have so many other places to...
  10. E

    How Many Beats Per Minute is Freestyle Traditionally? (BPM)

    What's up guys...I needed to know this...so pleaze...help me out...is it 125 or less or more? Do any of u guys know what Pure Pleazure and LAW and Cynthia and Johnny O...how fast do they do their songs at?...please let me know!! Thanks
  11. B

    Beats Per Minute

    hi Does any one know the best & simple way to calculate BPM,s ? I've tried many different programs but they seem to be giving me funny readings.