1. S

    The Men Of Freestyle on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    Things boil's so HOT on the next episode of The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on on Thursday, October 2, 2014 @ 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time with 'The Men of Freestyle' where it's all about the most powerful Male Vocalists in Freestyle. Tune in for that...
  2. DJ Dee X-Man

    Join the X Men of Freestyle today

    JK! What's up everyone? PLEASE come and join me @ and show the world where you are playing FREESTYLE from. Don't hate, POPULATE!! DJ Dee X-Man :welcome
  3. E

    Hollow Men lmao!!! :lol!!
  4. Colombian Harry

    Should men get a bikini wax?

    All you women out there that have seen naked men with too much pubic hair, do you think that they need a bikini wax? Sound off.
  5. R

    Men Dogs and women lloll

    i was walking to jersey city today. and i saw this beautifull dog behind a fence. just catching sun. 3 feet high by 4 feet long. beutifull dog. puppy lloll. just waiting for somebody to throw the ball. he had a ball in his mouth. and it hit me thats why men and dogs get along so well. dogs...
  6. E

    Women's hands cleaner than men (Health issue)

    Women's Hands Cleaner Than Men, Study Says Wed Sep 21, 2:40 PM WASHINGTON - Men are dirtier than women. So scientists confirmed by spying in public restrooms, watching as one-quarter of men left without washing their hands. The worst offenders were at an Atlanta Braves game. In contrast...
  7. ChuckD

    the latest fashion in men's hats....modeled by DJ Paradise!!!!

    Work the runway sweetie! *runs :walk before he comes on and sees this.*
  8. tanktruck

    ***Episode V: The Men Strike Back!***

    Men strike back! ! ! ! ! ! !----(so they THINK..LOL.) How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be opened when she brings it. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Why is a Laundromat a really bad place to pick up a woman? Because a...
  9. Rookie

    Three Men

    Three men, an American, a Russian, and a Puerto Rican, are standing on a bridge. The Russian removes a bottle of vodka from his coat, takes a sip, and then throws the bottle over the bridge. The Puerto Rican asks, "Why did you do that? That was perfectly good bottle of vodka!" The Russian...
  10. cArLiToS WaY

    ***"So MaNy MeN, So LiTtLe TiMe***

    Miguel Brown couldn't have sang it any better..... This is my Labor Day BBQ Jam/ House Party track of the day.....for all those queens who are hungover and probably still tweekin'! This ones for you.....
  11. R

    Great place to meet greak women and men

    Terminal 1 in JFK. yes thats where olympic airlines lands. i went there to pic someone up. and i walked in. and i figure let me go to greek air line and pick this guy up. thinking it was small thing. place was huge. there was greeks everyhwre. greeeks at the counter. greeks at the...
  12. R

    state of men and women

    folks men and women are in a crisis lets face it? cubans like to say you cant cover the sun with one finger. llloll. i went to one of those singles site i go once in a blue moon. ok? maybe the moon dosnt have to be blue for me to go llloll but anyway went into the site. and picked my age. 35...
  13. lachicabella

    Rude Men

    This doesn't apply to all men (so don't get offended guys). But for the women, what is your take on Rude Dudes? I know that as women we have our moods, but some men can have bad attitudes to the point where you just want to hit something. Sometimes I think they have their own male PMS. You...
  14. mzcrazybtch

    Men and their remotes

    now can someone explain to me why is it that men could have a tv with many channels and all they do is continuously flip through channels, occassionally stopping on something good or interesting and just when it seems like you're getting into the program, they flip through channels again? (my...
  15. M

    Question for Manly Men: Barbers or Salons?

    For the true Macho, players, pimps on CF. Do you go to Barbershops or Salons? Unless the beautician is super hot and single. It's always the Barbershop. Good haircuts and the latest news.LOL
  16. E

    ~If all men are dogs~

    ~If all men are dogs~ (then all women are frogs?) (cause I aint no dog, and by golly she aint no frog!) (We all make mistakes!) Cool to group up with your friends and trash all men to the very end thinking you look so hot and fine dressed to impress with no behind If all men are dogs then...
  17. R

    cheating men

    guys how do you keep yourself from eing with other women. do you do exerisizes in the morning. do you think to yourself you have the greatest woman on earth. ???
  18. Edalgiere

    Dozens of men now left with nowhere to go

    BY BART JONES STAFF WRITER June 21, 2005 The man from Mexico City said he came to Farmingville looking for work so he could give his wife and two children a better life back home. Yesterday, he found himself homeless in the land that was supposed to fuel his dream. He was among dozens of...
  19. Dianita

    OK men of CF, How many holes you got(if any)?

    You know piercings, in particularly earrings? Being you men were so curious about us women and our heavy earrings, I'd like to know how many of you men have an earring (or multiple piercings) or have had at one time. As I was saying in the other thread there's something about a little gold hoop...
  20. Ivan Diller

    New Rules to Bar Gay Men as Anonymous Sperm Donors

    New Rules to Bar Gay Men as Anonymous Sperm Donors By DAVID CRARY, AP NEW YORK (May 6) - To the dismay of gay-rights activists, the Food and Drug Administration is about to implement new rules recommending that any man who has engaged in homosexual sex in the previous five years be barred from...