1. Sal Collaziano

    Member Photo Albums

    The software has been upgraded to a newer version than most of you may be used to - and has a few added features. One of these new features is member photo albums. Create your own or browse others (once people post a few). They can be found by clicking the "Community" drop-down in the purple...
  2. P

    New Member From Ma$$

    Whatup, My Ppl? I'm New To This Site Just Wanted To Give A Shout Out,War Cry, And Maybe Even Some Sobbing, Etc. I'm An Artist, Tattoos, Comics, And Paintings. Hopefully I Can Fiqure Out How To Put Some Of My Stuff On This Site. Peace!! (Resurrect Rick James!!!)
  3. Dj Coast

    New Member

    Hi everyone, just joined this site a few weeks ago. I am a dj (vinyle only), I have been spinning for 10 years , and listening to club for over 20 years and freestlye is where my heart is, its where my roots begin as a youth growing up in Philly and I plan to keep it alive thru my turntables. I...
  4. bkleinhe

    Should I make the VIP Member area free for everyone?

    I think that might be a good idea to remove the pay areas of the site? let me know what you think?
  5. E

    New Member Contest Winners!

    Congrats to lady Manda! and Spanishfly053177! :cheers You guys are the winners of the free VIP New Member Introduction contest! What you get with VIP:
  6. lady_Manda

    New member contest entry!

    [Amanda] Who is Amanda? I am 25 Born and raised in Austin Texas I am engaged I love freestyle Everyone has that one thing, that one special song, smell, or something that that takes you back to the best time in your life. Freestyle is mine. I remember getting into freestyle I was 15, everything...
  7. J

    New Member Contest

    The ClubFreestyle Moderators will pick three Lucky New Members whom post the Greatest New Member Introduction here in the Introduce yourself forum. I MEAN THE COOLEST EVER. So if you are New (Have under 25 posts or joined within 1 week of today) - Post up a Great intro in this forum and you...
  8. B

    help a new member find an old song!!!!

    Need to know the artist of a song old school frestyle. I think it's called number one.... but not sure goes something like this....number one is the lonlyest number without you iam sure there is no other baby can you see you belong to me at night when the cold wind blows out side i hear...
  9. imfromqueenz

    Shoutout to new member ImAngieBear

    Everyone, please help me welcome our newest member..... my niece Angie aka ImAngieBear..... :hithere Welcome to CF Angie
  10. imfromqueenz

    Big Shoutout To New Member Fadia

    hey girl.....about time.....heeeheee.....welcome to the funhouse..... :hithere
  11. LaIndia320

    Another CF Member from New Orleans

    I know we all have been here speaking about the devastation in New Orleans. Well My CF Family, Both Steve and I have a Friend, She goes by the name of Michelle who lives in New Orleans, She goes by the name of "Diamond Girl31159" We have been trying to contact her, but there is no way of...
  12. Sexyangel329

    Describe a Member

    Ok Im bored lets do something lol Ok without naming the person describe a member here on the site the person after you has to guess everyone can be used more then once since we dont all see each other the same ok whos first cause im not lol
  13. ChuckD

    New music from cf member Pure Trend

    Holla everyone!!!! I've had the pleasure of meeting Pure Trend (Brian) at some of the cf functions. He was at the new school shows at Remy Lounge, Nya's party at Piatto's, and last night at Piatto's. He gave me a copy of his demo, a song called "Where Are You Now", and gave me permisson to...
  14. B

    Member Of Village People Arrested

    Victor Edward Willis, who was the original cop in the group, was taken into custody on Monday when a real cop stopped his Corvette and found rock cocaine and drug paraphernalia as well as a .45-caliber handgun. He also was driving without a valid license or identification. Cops also found traces...
  15. La Mas Grande

    Huge Shout Out to our oldest member

    Enigma is a 100 years old. Nice to know that even those on oxygen tanks still loves Freestyle........... :lol Enigma vbmenu_register("postmenu_781672", true); Honarary CF Fresco Join Date: Sep 2001 Location: ~BrOoKLyN~ Age: 100 Posts: 19,557
  16. Sexyangel329

    Since Becoming A Member

    Who have you bullshited with here on the site and thought hey she/he is mad cool I ask cause I see a lot of new members post up latley and most new memebers use to visit the site without posting and then joined. Who are some people from the get you knew or thougth were cool ugh a lot of the...
  17. Sexyangel329

    Rename a member

    Ok most of us chose are names for a reason either they fit our personalitys nick names we already had or a special meanign behind it or hell any dayum reason ya had lol but since a lot of us have been members for years here and we have prob gotten to know tons of members on and off the boards...
  18. F

    New Member

    hello...just want to say hi to everyone and i hope to meet new friends here. Flippi
  19. bullboykennels

    Latin CF member or spanish speaking (Spanish Mix)

    For those whom may have enjoyed the english mix,.. well I do have one in spanish for all my cf members as well. Hope you's all enjoy this one. It should be up most of the morning and hopefully till the early afternoon as well and it may even be back up for the evening as well. Just click on...
  20. Company B

    CF member BBOY3000!!!

    In case some of u didn't see on the calendar thread, & since many do request his pix on CF, here he is, my CF baby daddy, lol, BBOY3000!!! :) (the 1st pic is wit Judy Torres).