1. JessicaMarie

    Jessica Marie New Single

    I know I haven't been here for a while but here is my newest song.
  2. babydolllisa

    Do You Have Jessica Marie's "So In Love"

    Hi, All I've been searching for Jessica Marie's "So In Love" freestyle song. Some site offer it free but it won't let me download it. Do U have dis song??? Please send it 2 me. I have many songs 2 trade 4 it saved on my comp. We can trade over on da comp. Holla @ me & I see U my info. TTYL8Rs,
  3. F

    Christina Marie "Teardrops" Breakbeat mix download
  4. JessicaMarie

    Lisa Lisa , Rockell , Stevie B. , Jessica Marie

    Jammin Under the Stars with 94.1 FM at Kelly Ampitheatre at 6pm in San Antonio Jessica Marie opening up for Lisa Lisa Dancers featured will be " Body Language " and " Urban Assault " Then June 18th in Austin we will be opening up for Lisa Lisa, Rockell, and Stevie B. at 3pm at Waterloo Park...
  5. PeteZavala

    Jammin 94.1 Presents...Lisa Lisa & Jessica Marie June 17th

    ---> Click Here For Flyer <--- Jammin 94.1 Presents... Jammin' Under The Stars Concert Series Featuring Lisa Lisa & Jessica Marie b/w special guest appearance by Caleb B. When: Friday, June 17th 6:00pm to 10:00pm Where: Kelly USA Amphitheater San Antonio, Tx.
  6. PeteZavala

    Jessica Marie - Video Clip

    Sup CFers? Here's a small video clip of Jessica Marie singing "In Love With You". It's not an actual music video but something we whipped up of her goofing around. It was alot of fun. Jessica Marie Video Enjoy!
  7. M

    Angelino Live And Jessica Marie @ Camargo Park April 10 2005

  8. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Happy B-Day Arianna Marie~*~

    :aparty Just wanted to welcome Jazzy's new niece into the world, by wishing her a Happy Birthday today. She was born today while most of us were all sleeping, but she's here and congrats to Jazzy's sister for a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Happy B-Day Arianna Marie.............May god...
  9. PeteZavala

    Jessica Marie & Angelino Live in S.A.

    Make sure you come out and show some love! I know we got some San Antonio peeps on the board :texican CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLYER
  10. PeteZavala

    Jessica Marie Live in San Antonio

    Hello San Anto peeps! Jessica Marie has 2 performances coming up with Angelino. -> February 18th @ Planeta Rodeo Jessica Marie & Angelino - More info TBA *********************************************** -> March 20th Jessica Marie & Angelino - More info TBA Low Low Car Show & Concert...
  11. frankie

    Christina Marie

    I noticed many of you ask for Christina Marie cd's & other artists, so I decided to post a review on where to find and buy & support freestyle. for Christina marie Christina marie-maxi-cd 's SHARYN MACEREN AYNA...
  12. edde333

    hi i am looking for "Turning Away" by Christina Marie

    hi i am looking for this girls songs and or cd the one song i want real bad is "Turning Away" by Vazram Recording Artist, Christina Marie out of California. if you can help me please let me know and Dj Paradise you did a hot edit of it
  13. PeteZavala

    Jessica Marie Pics

    Here are some pics of recording artist Jessica Marie.
  14. PeteZavala

    Upcoming Jessica Marie Performances

    San Antonio and surrounding area peeps.... Check out Jessica Marie live. December 10 Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center for a Christmas dinner for VIP's of the city of San Antonio. Attendance expected: 3,000! December 11 Blue Santa Parade at Millers Pond San Antonio 12:noon. December 18...
  15. H

    Christina Marie

    does anyone know where i can get her music in full. like an album or something.. cause all i have are mixes with her songs on them.. but i wan them in full.. can someone help please.. thanks
  16. D

    Any info on Gina Marie "I'm gonna make you mine" 1990 Hot Productions?

    I am looking for any info on Gina Marie "I'm gonna make you mine" 1990 Hot Productions? it would be great if someone could tell me about the record label and whether they made other freestyle songs, anything about the singer.... or if anyone knows lyrics to this song or think they have...
  17. PeteZavala

    Jessica Marie fans

    Just thought I'd let you know that she has a whole new website. We're still working on it so let me know if you have any ideas. I know that the colors can be a bit hard on the eyes. I'm gonna work on that. Thanks for reading!
  18. H

    Jessica Marie

    Where can I get her music?
  19. PeteZavala

    Jessica Marie

    Hey all! Just thought I'd let ya'll know that Jessica Marie's website has been updated with a new mp3 of her latest single "In Love With You". I've gotten a lot of positive feedback so far. I think this single will do really well. Let me know what you guys think of it...
  20. PeteZavala

    New Upcoming Artist - Jessica Marie

    Hello all, just wanted to let you guys and gals know about a new artist out of San Antonio named Jessica Marie. This young diva has a voice that will leave you with chills. You can listen to some mp3's on her site. It's still in the works, but this temporary site will inform you of all upcoming...