1. ElementFreestyle

    need lyrics for Mari P ~ 'Search Within'

    Guys I really want the lyrics for 'Search Within' by Mari P, this is one of the hottest freestyle songs I've heard in a long time. The lyrics I can make out are amazing but I'd like to know for sure what the words are! Please help me out thanks . God bless our nation as we remember the fallen.
  2. myonlysweetie

    Happy Birthday Mari P!!

    :hbday Happy Birthday Mari P! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! :cparty
  3. M

    ~:.Update on a new Freestyle Release (Mari P).:~

    Hello to all, Just wanted to remind everyone that the Mari P "Infamous Lover" CD will be released at the end of this month. At the beginning stages we will only have online distribution , meaning you will be only be able to get the cd's through Please note that...
  4. Unique_Freestyle

    ~~MaRi P oFfIcIAL wEbSiTe~~

    Come check out Mari P Official Website (It's finally up and running) -Snippets -Interviews -Bio
  5. Unique_Freestyle


    Sup Fellow CFers, Summer is almost here and the Mari P album is dropping soon and going to be available through (Official Website to be Launched Mid June 2005) PIC OF MARI P (Click here) Produced by...
  6. StLouisFreestyle

    Mari of Sweet Sensation

    Does anyone know what happened to Mari of Sweet Sensation fame? Why did she leave the group? Does anyone know what Margie or Sheila are doing now? I am too happy to see Betty back on the scene but I've always wondered about the others. :)
  7. Unique_Freestyle

    Promo 12" Mari P. "Infamous Lover"

    This is Tony from Unique Elementz, and I've been giving out 12" promo. to DJ's out there , and I've been getting very good feedback so far, and I have some left, if any of you DJ's are interested , drop me an line , you can email me @ or Private message me. Peace...