1. imfromqueenz

    Familiar beat on Stephanie Marano - Symphony of Love

    I was just listening to symphony of love....but when it was starting, the beat sounded so familiar, but when i went to look and saw that it was symphony of love, i realized it was not the song i was thinking of.....has anyone heard the song lately or remember it. Can you tell me why that beat...
  2. A

    What Happened To Stephanie Marano?

    There Has Been Alot Of Talk About Adam On Here Lately So Whats Up With His Sister Stephanie? I Love The Song "symphony Of Love" I Think She Has An Amazing Voice, And Was Just Curious If Anyone Knows If She Is Still In The Business?
  3. A

    Adam Marano Aka's?????

    Hi Guys I Was Wondering If Any Of You Can Help Me With All Of Adam's Aka's He Recorded Under? I Really Like His Stuff And Would Like To Find More And I Know I Have Heard He Has Used Alot Of Names In The Past Here Are Some I Have Heard Of Maybe U Guys Can Help Me Add Some More? Thx Alot Adam...
  4. M

    Search Is Over - Adam Marano

    Does anybody have the MP3...i will pay you....or at least direct me to where i can buy it...THANKS!
  5. A

    Adam Marano (collage)

    I Keep Hearing All These Bad Things About Adam Marano, Can Someone Please Fill Me In With The Real Story? Especially From Philly! His Hometown? What The Hell Happened? I Personally Love Adams Stuff And His Sister Stephanie Too! I Think He Has Been A Major Contributor To Freestyle Music As We...
  6. O

    The Guy With Many Aliases....Adam Marano. Pick Your Adam Jam!

    Mine would have to be "I'll Give You My Heart" in which he goes by the notorious Collage. A new school freestyle love track that was very catchy to me. Fell in love with it immediately. What's your favorite Adam Marano track?
  7. Roller05Sk8

    collage? adam marano?

    i'm confused.. :huh .. lol. is collage and adam marano (not sure if thats the right spelling) the same person? do either (or him) have like a web site or anything ?
  8. P

    Adam Marano????

    Whatever happened to him? last I heard he came out with a "greatest hits" album- Is he working on anything now???:)
  9. B

    Is not Stephanie Marano (please help)

    Hello every one:confused Please help me find the artist or name of song. Female Solo artist In her song she lights up a cigarette and uses the payphone. Please help me :hearton Thanks again freestyle lovers Baby Gee :)
  10. O

    My Little Review On Adam Marano's Greatest Hit's CD

    The CD was disapointing to me because literally most of the tracks were re done again and it sounded so different than the original tracks. The only re-recorded track that I did like was "then came you" which i even kinda thought was better than the original. The re-recorded versions of tracks...
  11. O

    I have a question about Adam Marano and his buddy in crime Anthony......

    Why do these guys have so many names? Why do have to disguise themselves from us? Its not like were dumb and cant tell it's them actually singing. Its funny, to think that i once knew the answer to this question. huh, yeah right.
  12. R

    Favorite song(s) by Adam Marano???

    1. I'll Give You My Heart 2. I Could Fall In Love (1AM) 3. Diana/Suzanna 4. Love Of A Lifetime 5. I'll Be Waiting For You (feat. Alexia Phillips) 6. In & Out of Love (Sergio) 7. Dance With Me (T.P.E.) be continued!
  13. F

    Adam Marano...

    Hey there. I can't say who...but a freestyle artist asked me if I knew of a way for him to contact Adam Marano....I know of Adam through his Collage/Tpe/Denine works so I'm sure it's the same Adam. Does anyone know how I can reach him? If so, please send me a Private Message. Thanks!
  14. R

    Adam Marano

    hello 2 all ! anyone heard Adam sing this song called "I Could Fall In Love"? It's on *Selena*'s "Dreaming Of You" Album. It goes," I could fall iiiin looove..wiiith yoooou ". If you know anything, let me know..Thanx p.s. I heard "JLo" sing it to, lol.
  15. D

    Adam Marano & Lil Suzy

    Hey Everyone! I FINALLY just got my copies of Adam Marano's and Lil Suzy's new Greatest Hits CD and I must say they are AWESOME! Every track on each CD was rerecorded. Lil Suzy especially sounds great, since some of the songs she originally recorded when she was only 12/13. It's great to hear...
  16. R

    What's Adam Marano been up to lately?

    Anyone Know? - I'mma Big Fan of *Collage and his Music*!
  17. B


    He once was known as TPE, the song was 'THEN CAME YOU" on MICMAC RECORDS in the early 90's. Then he became COLLAGE and sang 'I'LL BE LOVING YOU' on METROPOLITIAN RECORDS.
  18. S

    Lil Suzy / Adam Marano

    Hi there... Did you guys see the tracklistings of Lil Suzy´s and Adam Marano´s Greatest Hits CD´s? There seem to be some previously unreleased tracks on them... Can´t wait to check them out... What do you think?! :)
  19. G

    Adam Marano

    First of all I am not one to be put any type of freestyle artist or music down. Freestyle is my passion..... Anyone who knows me can confirm that statement. Anyway, I believe Adam Marano AKA College is a big Sell OUT!!! Personaly I know he signs freestyle just to sign it. He does not care...
  20. G

    Favorite Record That Adam Marano Produced