1. M

    One Man Woman - Alta Dustin

    Hey all... it's good to see that is back! I need to know if anyone has the original version to this song? I have a version called the "clam mix" which is about 7 minutes long. Does anyone have the orginal song or even remember this song? I think it was one of the best freestyle...
  2. crazygirl

    Air marshal guns down man at Miami airport

    Sources say 44-year-old U.S. man claimed to have bomb in his carry-on MIAMI - A passenger who claimed to have a bomb in a carry-on bag was shot and killed by a federal air marshal Wednesday on a jetway to an American Airlines plane that had arrived from Colombia, officials said. Homeland...
  3. U

    "the girl's so fly she canmake a grown man cry""

    Can anyone help been trying to remember this song for years now. the lyrics went Put on my best can't believe she said yes The girl's so fly she can make a grow man cry Was back in the late 80's Killing me I cant remember it.
  4. E

    The homeless man

    A man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner. The man took out his wallet, extracted ten dollars and asked, "If I give you this money, will you buy some beer with it instead of...
  5. T

    Man Fights Police With Medieval Weapons
  6. E

    Man hunting for coyote gets attacked!

    Whoa! :eek: Video
  7. La Mas Grande

    My Lil Man is going to Harvard...........

    I always knew he was a genius but I got proof today. He got a 100% on his first test. It was a test on his colors and he got them all right. Woo Hoo............... :yeey :yeey :yeey
  8. S

    ***man Of The House***

    The husband had just finished reading the book, MAN OF THEHOUSE. :read He stormed into the kitchen and walked directly up to his wife. Pointing a finger in her face, he said, "From now on, I want you to know that I am the man of this house, and my word is law! :king I want you to prepare...
  9. M

    Your Man enjoyed Jail

    Ladies, you can tell if your man enjoyed his time in jail. He buys you 8-16 in long sex toys and wants you to only hit him in the back all night long. He begs you to get on all fours and squeal like a pig. When you two shower together he makes you wear the sex toy and also begs you to drop...

    Lil Man

    Dedicated to my nephew/god son Niko Just when I was about to give up the good fight, God finally brought you into my sight. This little heavenly angel from up above, Asking nothing from us except for love. It was indescribably amazing to fall in love with someone I just met, The feelings...
  11. E

    Oh man today a squirrel got lucky!

    Right now I just screamed out my window! :eek: Oh my goodness a squirrel crossed the street with a big van coming its way and barely got squashed! Oh my god that squirrel got balls!
  12. imfromqueenz

    Queens Man Gets 60 Days For Killing 1 boy and putting another in serious condition

    A Queens mom who lost her 11-year-old son to a drunken driver - and then persuaded state lawmakers to pass a tougher DWI law - drew tears in a crowded courtroom yesterday as she blasted the man who took away her child. "You have ripped everything that ever meant anything to me," Monique...
  13. T

    Giovanni Running Man

    Hey all, I'm looking for this track..(Running Man) by Giovanni, for many years this has been one song that has truly eluded me!!! If anyone knows where I my purchase this song on Cd (not sure if it ever was On cd) it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ted
  14. J

    Zulu man...

    Need to find out the name and artist of this song, way back in the day, part of the lyrics go "london bridge is falling down, out there drums begin to dance....pick up that spear and fight, now that the time is right, Zulu man...sound of a bird in flight, run like the wind tonight, Zulu...
  15. Sexyangel329

    My Lil Man

    Here is my boy these are more recent but he keeps growig so in orer to see what he look like every day i would have to take pics everyday and some days he jsut dont waant too lol :dancepuff
  16. yburgos7

    Congratulations Platano Man!!!

    :dancingbGo Enigma!!!! :dancingb You just went over 20,000 posts!!!!:cheer
  17. La Mas Grande

    Oh man, my heart is breaking.....

    My oldest son has been acting up lately so his dad decided to punish him and not let him to go P.A with me this weekend. Our golden rule is that we stick together in these decisions and to be honest he doesn't deserve a weekend of fun. But he is so sad right now and I feel like crap. I swear I...
  18. R

    just rebuild the freekin towers man ??

    just rebuild the freeking towers man. what an ugly design. just bring back the towers. why does every body gotta change everything. just bring back the towers. much better. look nicer what a rediculous piece of archtiecture. bring back the twin towers man
  19. ChuckD

    Happy Birthday Vinss-T (formerly Tran Man)

    Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!! Wishing you health, happiness, wealth, and freestyle!!!!!
  20. N

    Rocco the man

    Can someone post the lyrics to Rocco Ragazzo - "Cryin' Inside." I just need the first line I can't make it out. "Where were you in the night...". Thanks! Nader