1. F

    Anyone Watch Days of our Lives?

    Does anyone here watch Days of our Lives? I just found out about something MAJOR that is going to happen on the show. This has the potential to be an excellent story. I hope they execute it as well as they should. If so, this could be the story that changes Days and makes it into the show it...
  2. L

    Reggaetton Lives

    If Anyone Out There Listens To Reggaetton , Your Good With Me , I Love Club Music To Death But I Love Reggaeton , Daddy Yankee's Cd Is Off The Chain. People You Have To Get Magnate Y Valentino's Cd Omg That Cd Mad It Big Its Hott!!!!!!! To All My Boricua S Out There Go Get That ...
  3. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Hey, Who Lives In Florida?~*~

    Who here on CF lives in Florida? Where would you say is the best part of Florida to move to? And the REAL question: Is the job market really bad there or not?
  4. Liz_Torres

    Freestyle Lives!!!!

    You know what that is ...when u'r minding your own business, talkin to your hunny bunny.. and u get to the toll @ the Geroge Washington Bridge....only to find the booth person listening to FREESTYLE??!!!!! and they say freestyle is dead...shiiiiiii I stood there a good 3 min. tryin to convince...
  5. Freestylepete

    Freestyle Music Lives

    I saw something tonite at Party 105.3 Fm Freestyle Fridays at Palmers. I saw four amazing freestyle artists pouring there heart and soul into there music. I didnt feel such a passion in long time. Manny, Chase, Phillip Anthony and the beautiful Jessica AKA Gem all gave crowd rocking...
  6. F

    Days of our Lives

    Does anyone here watch Days of our Lives? If so, who do you think is the Salem Stalker?? I think Rex is the most obvious choice, but I think it wont be him for that very reason. Randi (FreestyleGal)
  7. V

    Freestyle Lives On 4-Ever

    Just introducing myself, all the way from Chi-Town. I want to give a special hello to K (besitos amor). You look as fine as always and I love seeing you with Marc. My heart has been devoted to freestyle for as long as I've had any taste in music. TKA, Corina, Lil Suzy, Stevie B, George...
  8. J

    CF Buddy May Help to Save Childrens Lives

    CF Buddy May Helpin to Save Childrens Lives Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Just want to let you all know about ClubFreestyle Buddy and its other uses. For several months now I have been working with Tony C and John Walsh of Americas Most Wanted. They need Buddy to help them to find missing children...
  9. E

    Days Of Our Lives

    Former Expose member performed on Days Of Our Lives. Who got to see it? And what did you think of the performance?
  10. Krystal

    Freestyle Buddy LIVES!

  11. N

    9/11-111 Minutes That Ruined Our Lives

    On 9/11/2001,I was commuting to NYC on the NJ Transit so I could go to the Mount Sinai Hospital for a doctor's appointment.It was a day like many others at first for me.The train was pulling into the Hoboken station and me and everyone else on the train from the windows seen a horrible sight,a...
  12. Tony G.

    Freestyle Lives

    FREESTYLE LIVES Don't doubt for a min that freestyle is not alive...... We are about to wake it up from it's sleep....... I must say that while putting this album together all I seem to think about is RHOQ.....LOL. Believe it or not that guy makes me work harder , I know we can't please...
  13. K

    Freestyle Lives?

    Hello Peoples of Freestyle(insert stupid drum roll!) I am here to blow up the spot here in the forum today.I am now putting together the ground plans for my second dream project..."freestyle lives" Many of u have seen it on the mp3 site or the url leading to my latest free tracks.But it is...