1. Kenny Guido

    from the blog of SAFIRE: LISTEN TO "EXOTIQUE" NOW!

    from the blog of SAFIRE: LISTEN TO "EXOTIQUE" NOW! Little Update Current mood: fabulous Hello my fabulous fellow Myspacers, I hope that you are all doing great and that you have been enjoying the beautiful weather we have had. First and foremost I would like to thank everyone for all their...
  2. Kenny Guido

    Listen To Long Island's Own Dj Impact Spinning Freestyle Tonight On Party 105 From 7-

  3. caramelo

    Listen for Free to TUMAI RECORDINGS' "Move to the Beat"

    Listen for Free to TUMAI RECORDINGS' "Move to the Beat" instrumental track.. Just go to The track is part of the CD titled "TUMAI RECORDINGS Presents Club Instrumentals" which can be purchase as an Mp3 CD for only $5 or a physical CD for only $6 at...
  4. N

    New Judy Torres: Listen to "Hell No" Carlos Berrios and Tony Moran &Warren Rigg mixes

    New Judy Torres: Listen to "Hell No" Carlos Berrios and Tony Moran &Warren Rigg mixes Listen to these new Judy Torres mixes exclusively on and vote for which one is your favorite -- check it out --
  5. N

    Song - Listen & Info Please

    Hello, Please listen to this song located @ If anyone knows the artist please and where I can find it. Thanks a lot, -Nate
  6. mannyriv

    New Music, Manny, Darkside, in honor of Halloween, listen here!!!

    Since we are approaching the darkest holiday of the year, I couldn't resist but t give you all a sneak peak of the track entitled "Darkside," which will be featured on the album Mannystylez. Go to and listen to Darkside. Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe. Manny
  7. B

    Chi-Town's Explosive 3 CD House Set On Ebay!! Listen Now!!

    Click on link below to go directly to Ebay to listen to this explosive series. BeatMaster
  8. latinfreestyle21

    When do you like to listen to freestyle the most

    Hey whats up Cf Family Long time no seek... Anywaz I want to know when do you guys like to listen to freestyle... the most ... Nights,Morings Weekends fall winter summer or all.... I listen to it all the time.. But for some reason.. too me it sounds even better when i listen to it in the fall at...
  9. B

    100% Pure Old School Chicago House!! Listen NOW!!*NEW

    Please click on link below to access my most recently mixed mix. It's exclusive old school house...Please note: You must have Real Player installed to hear this mix. Thanks BeatMaster For more mixes like link above please
  10. S

    Do any of you listen to Baile Funk?

    Hello, i was wondering if any of you listen to Baile Funk? If you're not familiar with Baile Funk it's a form of Brazilian hip hop (originating from the favelas of Rio De Janeiro) with a miami bass/freestyle rhythm. Not all of the music is rapping though, there's a vocal form that is very much...
  11. D

    Body N Style - Listen to My cries

    Cant find this on 12" and i want all the versions very bad! If u have them on your comp i can trade from many of the tracks i have or if u wanna sell your 12" ill be more than happy to buy it off ya :) You can hit me up on aim at djdilliodon or email me at
  12. C

    What Else Do You Guys/Gals Listen too

    besides freestyle music? this question has probably been asked here a million times but just curious since im kinda new here. i start off by saying i listen to a little bit of everything Salsa, Raggeton, Hip Hop basically anything and being a child of the 80s which seems like the majority of...
  13. E

    Listen Now*

    I've attached the link to the new song Hypnotized in the Album Reviews Section - Check it out!
  14. bullboykennels

    DJ Paradise Tribute Mix - Listen to it Now

    Wuz sup folks,.. for those that missed the "DJ Paradise Tribute Mix" that was aired last night on D.O.F. Radio,... well now you can hear it here,. Again this mix was done by DJ Willy V. for DJ Paradise as a Tribute,.. Hope everyone Enjoys it...
  15. N

    Listen online to Hot 97 Circa 1989

    If you would like to hear what music sounded back on Hot 97 when freestyle was on top then click on and go to markets:NY and click on airchexx with Broadway Bill Lee. The snippet starts of with Stevie B and you'll also hear Will To Power,Nocera,Dustin Altman.You'll hear bits of...
  16. italo512

    listen to this suicide!

    the other night,a gas station employee down the street from my work,doused himself with gass,and lit himself on fire,and died.this is my question.out of all the ways to kill yourself,why bout a big bottle of mad dog,a box of sudafed,a joint,and some sex. or a morphine and soda is always...
  17. This Is GoodBye

    A Song For A Love That You Messed Up On D/L And Listen

    Here Is A Song I Got From My B/F And It Reminded Me Of Someone I Loved Very Much...And I Let Go And I Schouldnt Have...I Regret That Day I Let Him Go...So My B/F Deserves This Song If We Ever Part.......This Will Be Our Song...If Anyone Else Misses Someone They Loved...Or Let Them Go And Regret...
  18. Caleb-B

    Listen to the "Unique-Elementz" trailor..

    Hey guys for those who are intrested, here are some samples off the album. web sites commin soon..let us know what you think. m.mp3
  19. Nyasia

    To the Hipocrites who listen to the Freestylefile shows.

    a thread started on WCM, that was read to there was a poll taken asking which show you prefer to listen too the FreestyleFile show or the B & B show which is honestly a normal question, but the replies from some peeps is funny and sad at the same time, how long can you talk about...
  20. La Mas Grande

    Listen closely

    Hush up now, listen closely, that’s the sound of my never-ending loneliness. It’s scary in here, all alone, just watching the hands on my clock of life. With every single minute that goes by is another minute closer to my end. I sit and ponder why not just finish this game on my terms. I’m so...