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    Licking Ass!

    Im not going to say any names,,, but this girl asked me if she could lick my a*****e after being in a relationship with me for only a couple of weeks. I didn't want to embarriss her because she is so sweet and nice and fine as hell so I just told her very politely that thats something that...
  2. M

    Finger licking good

    Dateline; San Francisco, CA: A nameless lady is no longer a fan of Wendy's chili. I would not either if i'm like the lady who bit into a human finger found in the chili. Hey; can I get the finger filled chilli with fries? :barf
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    Wound Licking Good

    Dateline; oregon: A HS coach was suspended and is to recive counciling. This is a report that he was licking the bloody wound of an athlete. Looks like a persons dog, cat, Gene Simmions, and dracula can be a coach.