1. ChuckD

    Congrats to cf member/moderator LaMatrix

    This morning at 7:06 am, LaMatrix gave birth to her son, Victor. weight is 9 lbs, 14oz length is 20 inches Congrats baby!!!!! :baby :cparty :aparty :baby
  2. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Happy B-Day Lamatrix~*~

    :hbday Hey girl, hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come. :aparty

    Happy Birthday Lamatrix

    happy birthday Lamatrix hope u have a great one & many more :hbday
  4. Lamatrix

    Lamatrix Is Back!!!

    I'm back! I'm back! I'm fukin back!!! I miss you so much all of you!!! :dancingb :dancepuff
  5. ChuckD

    Yo...FreestyleGod, Nya, Taezee, Enigma, LaNena, LaMatrix, Nessa....

    Come on people....I need help! Don't let the novella die!!! It was going so quickly for so long......where is everyone??? Nya...that dual role has a lot of promise.... Taina and Rico are a couple waiting for love..... Marisol and Rodolpho are just hanging...... Antonio's baby is...
  6. Nyasia


    HAHHA, I found out the song that my music box is playing!!.lol Lionel Ritcie and Diana Ross.."Endless Love".LOLOLOL I knew it sounded
  7. Lamatrix


    Hey I like that last one Vnessava.
  8. Lamatrix

    LaMatrix' Babies

    This is my baby Taina:hearton