1. DJ Dee X-Man

    Join us daily...

    Playing the old, new and stuff in the middle in Freestyle AKA Latin Freestyle AKA Latin Hip Hop My show airs Tuesday nights beginning at 7pm, CST.
  2. Kenny Guido

    still love the 80's? then join this 80's site that has been around for nearly a decad

    still love the 80's? then join this 80's site that has been around for nearly a decade!
  3. S

    Facebook users join Freestyle Universe

    Hello clubfreestyle!! It's nice to see that we're back to being about Freestyle on this site (thank God). I just wanted to let all of you that are on Facebook know about an information filled Facebook group called: Freestyle Universe! I hope that all of you check it out and join it. Here's a...
  4. S

    Facebook users join Freestyle Universe

    Hey my true Clubfreestyle freestylers! If you love your Freestyle and you're on Facebook I hope that you will join my group: Freestyle Universe where it's all about FREESTYLE baby!!
  5. caramelo

    Come and join this new freestyle site.....

    Come and join a new Freestyle website called "Freestyle Fans Forever". Just click on and join for Free. A place where all of the great Freestyle fans can unite!!! Please continue to support and all of the Freestyle sites out there.. Always...
  6. caramelo

    Join our mailing list...

    Join our mailing list to receive updates on new releases... Just go to and leave your name and E-mail address on the bottom of the main page. Your name will be entered into future Freestyle contests coming soon!!! Always, CARAMELO and TUMAI RECORDINGS
  7. O

    New Freestyle Community - Join Today

    I just happen to run into it today and wanted to share. Pretty Cool.......
  8. DJ Dee X-Man

    Join the X Men of Freestyle today

    JK! What's up everyone? PLEASE come and join me @ and show the world where you are playing FREESTYLE from. Don't hate, POPULATE!! DJ Dee X-Man :welcome
  9. lilshygyrl

    all freestyle artists should join!

    myspace is so addicting, it would be cool if we can get as many artists to sign up for there own music page. Cynthia, Denine, Buffy, Tim Spinnin Schommer, Judy Torres are all on there, you can even put there songs on ur page( i got Too Kool Chris- Freestyle Forever on my page), its pretty cool
  10. La Mas Grande

    Club Freestylers Please Join Me.......

    as I wish La Matrix and her family a heartfelt congratulations and a million blessings on her pregnacy. She is 4 months and my god child :babyis due late December. :yeey :yeey :yeey
  11. LaIndia320

    CF Join Me in Warm Wishes For My Friend Jazzy4U

    ~*@*~Congrats to Jazzy4U & Nathan~*@*~ Hey My CF Family, I want to let you all know that its one more day For Jazzy and Nate's Wedding. I would like to say congrats to Jazzy and Her Fiance Nate, They will be Getting Married Tomorrow. :cheers to you mama I love you so much. Mami Thank you so...
  12. A

    Join Mickey Garcia at Soho Lounge in Miami

    Join Mickey Garcia, Lisette Melendez (Together Forever), Nyasia (Who's got your love) and Nice & Wild Feat / David (Diamond Girl) @ Soho Lounge - 175 NE 36th Street, Miami Design District email ALUSIONALFANTASY@AOL.COM for more info.
  13. D.J. Paradise

    End of The Freestyle File Radio Show 6/18--Please join us for our final 2 shows.

    Hello Freestyle Fans, Music Industry and Freestyle File.Com Lovers/Haters: After a great 4 year run, The Freestyle File Saturday Night Dance Party will be done... Our 2 final shows will be: June 11th with Special guest to be announced... We will be inviting some Freestyle artists to join us...
  14. crazygirl

    cum join us....

    in the chat.. you are here u should just stop but and say hello.. i'm waiting 4 u here is the link :dancepuff
  15. J

    ClubFreestyle members - Join Together - Help underpriviledge Kids This Christmas.

    Hello to all CF Members, Tomorrow I will be posting an announcement for this years Christmas Toy Drive! It is going to be a little different then what we usually do. This is going to be Really Cool! I hope that we can get many members to come to NYC for a few hours and make a HUGE...
  16. B

    Join us this Sunday at 5pm for another PLANET

    PLANET FREESTYLE This our second week and your feedback has been awesome! Join us Sunday at 5 p.m. ET for the second edition of PLANET FREESTYLE on radio! Live from Calgary, 60 minutes of freestyle mega hits from a western Canadian perspective with your truly, Gino Baggio. We...
  17. *Sophia*

    450 Women Join Nude Photo Shoot in N.Y.

    450 Women Join Nude Photo Shoot in N.Y. Top Stories - AP By MADISON J. GRAY, Associated Press Writer NEW YORK - The women crossed their arms to keep warm in the main concourse of Grand Central Terminal early Sunday as they prepared to pose for Spencer Tunick's latest human art...
  18. E

    Invite Peeps To Join Clubfreestyle

    Hey everybody let spread the word out some more for people to sign up on Clubfreestyle!!!!!!!!!!! Hit up the spot on the lobby page Tell A Friend. Don't just tell a friend tell everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. D

    Want to join the crowd

    Hey whats up I'm here in boring Syracuse ny and there aint much freestyle here. im, 26 and love freestyle. the only other person who listens to freestyle here is my wife. i am originally from queens flushing but i joined the military and was stationed at fort drum ny and met my wife here and...
  20. F

    Leafs can join their old goalie for a round

    This is all I got to say about the mighty leafs!!!!!! Nice weekend for golf.....