1. S

    Jade Starling of Pretty Poison on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    The Freestyle Universe Radio Show on emberradiolive.com drops another heavy-hitting show on Thursday, January 15th @ 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time! The lovely Jade Starling of Pretty Poison joins Freestyle's Naughtiest Party Boy: Swins Fontenelle for an all new episode! Tune in for the...
  2. cArLiToS WaY

    Jade Starling aka Pretty Poison

    Has anyone checked her out recently? She has totally different, new material. Formerly of Pretty Poison, Jade Starling was in NYC this past June performing at a record release party. Damn, she looks too good. Can't wait to get my hands on the album/singles...
  3. Freestylepete

    Freestyle FOrward Show @ Jade Terrace

    I just saw in the calender section that KTU was having a freestyle show at Jade Terrace on June 5th any body as any information on it.
  4. J

    To Angie, Jade, Nyasia, Etc.

    Look I will not post here no more, obviouly i am out numbered. I see you guys don't even talk to Renee, i don't want you not to talk to her cause of me, i will be on my way and take care of my own busniess. Peace
  5. M

    Ms. Jade "Girl Interrupted"

    THIS ALBUM IS BLAZIN! This is the best cd I've heard this year! Did anyone else get a chance to check it out? Aside from Timbaland's production, she's like a combination of every great female mc; queen latifah, mc lyte, salt'n'pepa, roxanne chante', missy elliott, lauryn hill, all in one! Old...
  6. 1sxychica

    Happy Birthday Jade!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! All the best mama!!! Hope u'll enjoy ur day! :p
  7. F

    Jade ............

    :yeey HAPPY BIRTHDAY :yeey
  8. G

    Last night (Tonight) Jade Terrace 6/27/02

    hey you guys! I actually have something to post about freestyle! This is my first thread in this Forum! Well I went to see Judy Torres, Cynthia, and George Lamond perform tonight! Judy was off da hook! She actually came face to face with me and sang to me!!!:D This girl was on her cell so...
  9. V

    Thereo, Sxy & Jade!

  10. Kenny Guido

    happy birthday JADE!!!

  11. M

    Happy Bday Pimpette Jade!!!

    HAPPY BDAY MA. You hit the big 26. Do yo thang mija! Do yo thang girl! :cool:
  12. M


    Hey girl I am just dropping by to say "Hi" since it's been so long we talked. Anyway take care girl.
  13. C

    Jade Starling (PRETTY POISON)

    Jade Starling (the lead singer of Pretty Poison) has a couple of mp3 sites that i came across... http://www.mp3.com/JadeStarlingforme ^has "catch me (i'm falling)" and "nightime" http://www.mp3.com/jadestarling-pp ^has one of her newer house tracks "8 days" also> visit her site at...