1. C

    Suggest artists in the style of INFORMATION SOCIETY...

    I love Information Society and have been playing their first album a lot lately. Can you guys/gals suggest some other artists who have a similar (British sounding vocals, dramatic keyboards) sound? -los
  2. D

    I am looking for information about this song.

    Please, Can someone tell me the name and where can I find the lyrics of this song: Thanks in advance. - denth0r.
  3. O

    Information Society Running CD Single
  4. J

    Stereotype Solved: Information Society Was Freestyle

    From the upcoming: The other Hip Hop: Freestyle, Miami Bass, Electro-Funk, Hip House, Trip Hop, and Jungle-Drum N Bass Information Society holds its place in freestyle music... take a lesson from the originator of them all, Afrika Bambaataa, the foremost Hip Hop master and godfather of Hip...
  5. LilMsBoop

    New Information

    This has just been confirmed. Britney Spears is pregnant by husband Kevin Ferdeline (not sure how u spell it)
  6. S

    Looking for song information

    Greetings, I'm new to the forums. My question is this, I have a cassette tape with a song on it, that I've been holding on to for years now. I've not been able to figure out who the artist is or the title of the song... and I really love listening to the song. I must have recorded it off...
  7. tanktruck

    Important & Serious Information You Need To Know About The 2004 Election!

    If you still undecided on who you're gonna vote for in 2004! Here is some serious and valuable information that might put things in prospective for you guys.
  8. L

    Song I.D. and CD Information

    Hi Everyone, I heard this song on the Freestyle Mix on 105.9 and KTU's freestyle free 4 all a couple of times. It is a guying singing. The lyrics are: Baby Don't Go Please don't separate two hearts that belong together. Baby Don't Go If anyone knows the name of the song and artist, please...
  9. J


    Ok here goes I set the File Size limits for each file uploaded: 8 MB its high. A Real Audio song compressed properly is about 200K in size. 20 minute mix should be allot smaller then 8 MB. An average Mp3 song is what...4 mb? Use Real Audio and compress properly 22 hz 8 bit stereo and you...
  10. Kenny Guido

    information on INFORMATION SOCIETY

    Well, I tried getting an update on them for you and this is what I got: Hi Kenny. Chequemaster D$B of (the original) Tommy Boy Records here. As you are no doubt well aware, the Information Society of those days broke up 10 years ago. Kurt Harland did a solo album under the Insoc name in...
  11. D

    Need label information can anyone help

    Can i get contact infomation for the following labels. Tazmania i know there not in bus no more anyone know who owns there catalog. also metropolitan Im working on a project and need to get some information from the catalog owners. any info will be appreciated.
  12. T

    TKA why no information on them?

    hey i put a post up about TKA not too long ago and for some reason they took it down,and disregarded it.i was directing the post to heidee since she is the only one that can keep us waiting patiently for the new album,i just wanted to know how close they are to releasing their album...
  13. D

    Does anyone have any information on this cd's?

    I been waiting for a few ablums and complication to come out and i wonder does anyone know the 411 on the material. Nick colon: Believe Judy Torres: New Ablum Coro: New Ablum Nyasia: New Ablum The Freestyle Fresh Kids 2 Ashley: Ablum Bobby Leal: Ablum Tomax: The Ablum Johnny Budz remix: Ablum...
  14. S

    freestyle on billboard charts information -

    If you ever wonder how music by safire, tka, judy torres, cynthia or any other has done on various billboard music charts, then log onto you will be given the option of typing in a artist name and looking up how successful their music was on the billboard hot 100, club...
  15. ChuckD

    For your information......

    ChuckD freestyle radio was down for part of today. It will also be down another day this week. I'm doing updates, adding another dozen songs to the rotation. If you are interested, here is a list of the new songs on ChuckD radio: Elissa-"Who's Crying Now" Josette-"No More Lies"...
  16. J

    I need some information on some old school artists

    I want to know what happend with the following artists and groups: and if they ever did more freestyle song? SOAVE SOLID SWEET SENSATION THE COVER GIRLS LEATHER & LACE SHANNON EXO Please if you have any information let me know.
  17. R

    For Information On MicMac Records Please Read

    You got it "Mick"! Thanks for spreading the LOVE. Freestyle for a Lifetime!!!!!
  18. A

    Collage information!! i need HELP!!

    Hey does anyone know that song im pretty sure its by collage and it goes im in love with my best friends boyfriend, and then it goes im in love with my best friends girlfriend? if u kno please help me !!! thanks much luv Ashleigh:D
  19. FreestyleChulo

    Information Society

    ok---freestyle group...or crossover artists who stole the freestyle sound????...comments???
  20. F

    About Ceres (latest information)

    Here are the lastest information I got. ;) Her next single should be released pretty soon. It will be a remake of "Give me tonight" (originally interpreted by Shannon). She is also working on her first album, maybe released in May. If I have further information, I will email them on the...