1. E

    IMPORTANT: Picture attachments are down

    CF Members just letting you know that Party & Event Pictures attachments are temporarily down and they cannot be displayed. So you may want to hold off uploading pictures until the system is up and running again. :)
  2. D

    Need Help Finding a song... Please Help... IMportant

    Hey everyone... please help me out... i have this song and i have no idea who sings it... i have a clip of the song and will send it to u upon request... it is a song from the early 1990's and is possibly only a canadian release... so please if u know anyone who could help me out i would be very...
  3. Dayer

    Important !!!!!all Artist & Friends--benefit Changed To La Martini Lounge Due To....

    Important !!!!!all Artist & Friends--benefit Changed To La Martini Lounge Due To.... Hello everyone, It is with a very disappointed heart that I write this email to you. It appears that the club that we had an agreement with for the benefit tonight, failed to let us know that they were...
  4. Sexyangel329

    Important reminder about White

    DO NOT I repeat DO NOT wear white stockings unless your a nurse and your required to wear them DO NOT at any moment wear white stockings but above all dDO NOT wear white stockings with a black suit and Black shoes so fuking not cute. It was a cute suit pero the white stockings and black flats...
  5. FreestyleGod


    I thought peeps should know this. Michael Moore TRUE New Orleans - NO Gov. Aid Report From: Michael Moore From: [ NOTE: To those who have donated money to The Starlight Foundation for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, we want you to know that the...
  6. ChuckD

    Attention cfers!! Important news.

    I just thought that you all needed to know this very important information!!!! :yoomg There are only 173 more days until Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blah :blah :blah
  7. latinfreestyle21

    Read Please important to me!!!!

    What's up my freestyle family!!!!, Anywaz I have this song on one of my mixed cds and i was wonderin if they have Jacque Cenci Song memories in full length.... on mp3..... I would really appreciate it if someone could send it to me this song is really good... I am willing to trade songs thanks...
  8. ChuckD

    Most Important Popular Musicians

    What I propose is a list of the 10 most important and influential figures in popular music since the beginning of the 20th century. "Popular," for the purposes of this poll, includes jazz, blues, country, rock...anything but classical. Please remember we're considering an entire century here...
  9. ChuckD

    IMPORTANT! Artie & Legit! Performance & VIDEO SHOOT!!!

    Artie And Legit Will Be Performing May 28th @ Tj Bentleys In Brooklyn. The Best Part Is Not Only Are They Performing, It Will Also Be A Taping For Their Newest Song "one Never Knows". That's Right They Are Doing A Video For The Song And They Want Everyone To Be There. So Spread The News And...
  10. Unique_Freestyle

    Unique Elementz Important Public Annoucement

    Attention CFers, After working very hard with Artists: Caleb B and Mari P, Unique Elementz would like to announce as of May 2005, Unique Elementz, LLC will be launching a new associated label emerging straight out of Fresno, CA and controlled by artist “ Caleb B.” Unique Elementz felt it was...
  11. tanktruck

    Important & Serious Information You Need To Know About The 2004 Election!

    If you still undecided on who you're gonna vote for in 2004! Here is some serious and valuable information that might put things in prospective for you guys.
  12. Lamatrix

    Important About Ephedrine

    Ephedrine diet pills to be banned soon Posted: 10:42 PM (Manila Time) | Feb. 09, 2004 Inquirer News Service OVER-THE-COUNTER sales of ephedrine-based diet pills will be banned starting March 1, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). California already banned the...
  13. N

    very IMPORTANT

    the song goes like "welcome tomy lighthouse baby.... lalala welcome to my lighthouse baby...." and so on it's a song played so often in my favourite club but I don't know whre to find it and from who it is.... it could also be "come into my light house baby....." I need to have this song...
  14. myonlysweetie

    Job Interview Answers Are Important

    An office manager was given the task of hiring an individual to fill a job opening. After sorting through a stack of resumes he found four people who were equally qualified. He decided to call the four in and ask them only one question. Their answer would determine which of them would get the...
  15. J


    Ok here goes I set the File Size limits for each file uploaded: 8 MB its high. A Real Audio song compressed properly is about 200K in size. 20 minute mix should be allot smaller then 8 MB. An average Mp3 song is what...4 mb? Use Real Audio and compress properly 22 hz 8 bit stereo and you...
  16. Edalgiere

    special attention important

    any one with my Cell# please do not call it tonight it was lost and someone found it going to get it back tomorrow i left it where i had my car done today :lol
  17. myonlysweetie

    What’s really important to remember?

    In every relationship there are details small details; the small details are important at times more than the ones that make a mark in your lives. Every relationship has a genesis where conversations personal talk details of one another are reveal during this period. Are these conversations soon...
  18. Nyasia

    NOt about freestyle, but very important nonetheless.

    I guess you guys have heard about the abduction of the 11 year old girl Carlie Brusia in Sarasota, Florida two days ago. well last night ABC news aired a special on SEXUAL PREDATORS. How they live in clusters. When they get out og jail thier CO's send them to live where other Sexual Predators...
  19. Edalgiere

    ladies? an important Q

    Lets say you meet a guy but hes out of work but is very active looking for work and is going to school do u have any problems with this? would u give the guy a chance?
  20. Freestyle


    Hi All, It may come as a shock to you all but I have been told of a website where anyone can get details of your passport. It is very worrying. I have removed my details and would suggest you do the same. The website address is HERE Don't leave it for too long....remove today if yours is...