1. M

    Can anyone help identify this track please?

    Does anyone remeber 'You are the one' by TKA? I believe this was released in 1989, BUT in 1988 the same track (different prodcution) was around with Female vocals. Does any one know who that was or perhaps under what title, I can't find any reference to it under 'you are the one.'
  2. T

    Please help to identify this 90's House/Techno song's

    Hi friends i like this 90's dance songs, but i got a problem,i don't know anything about the names/authors, please can you help me to identify them?,
  3. O

    please help identify this old school song

    Hi, Back in the early 80's when rollerskating was big, I heard this song a few times, but haven't heard it since. I can't locate it on the internet which is really strange. It is all sung in a vocorder and some of the lyrics are, "Murder Rock baby, feel the beat, plug me in, turn me on, and...
  4. C

    Help identify 80's club song

    80's club song... Girl the world is changing fast it's getting harder and harder for love to last, you don't ??????destiny independence you don't want to lose and a little of love you can always use at the risk of being a male chauvinist this is a chance for love I don't want to miss so you...
  5. H

    Newbie here. Can you help me identify the artist/song?

    I think this song is from the late 80s-early 90s. A man with a high voice is singing. Lyrics go something like this I'll be your shelter in the pouring rain.... I'll be your shoulder to cry on Even if its to the break of dawn Girl you know you can rely on me.... (and then there's another...
  6. Kris_Vega

    this one will be tough to identify

    This song was on a freestyle tape my friend made for me awhile back. Here are the only lyrics I can remember, I think it's the chorus the rest was instrumental. "Bring them back, back to Atlantis" If you nail this one I will buy you a pizza. -Kv
  7. ChuckD

    How do you "identify" yourself first???

    Ok, there are many ways to identify yourself. You could be a husband, or wife. You could be gay or straight. You could be Italian, or Latino. A woman, or a man. You could be a marine, or a police officer. Technically, you shouldn't just limit yourself by sex, nationality, orientation...
  8. D

    help identify these 2 songs

    Hi everyone. I need help with the names of these 2 freestyle songs. The first one is a female vocal with lines that go like this. "Ive waited for so long...for someone just like you....i never thought that i could feel the way i do...we could make it if we try...ill keep you close right by...
  9. D

    Can anybody help identify this song?

    I need help identifying this song. I only know a few of the lyrics and they are: Getting fresh, new on the block, i'll make you dance and i'll make you rock. If you ain't with it, then forget it, but if your down then get with it......and it sung by a girl and has the When I Hear Music beat...
  10. C

    Help Identify song and artist.

    the lyrics go. L is for the the love you give me O is for the only one V means youre very Special E is fo every time we make love. I'm Prety sure the Song Is called L.O.V.E but who Sings it? Thaks in advance for any help...:D