1. D

    The holy Grailness of 8 track players!

    www.youtube.com/v/_tLjyope5LM This looks kinda cool... I wonder how much it is?? I have a single player and it seems fine for me....... But this might be good @ a party or what not.......
  2. Kenny Guido

    Holy Shit!!!!!!! Dance Fans Rejoyce!!!!!!! New Station In Nyc!!!!!!

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! DANCE FANS REJOYCE!!!!!!! NEW STATION IN NYC!!!!!! http://www.newyorkfreestyle.com/freestyle/showthread.php?t=9386&page=2
  3. ga5speed02

    holy crap

    i have been a member here for some time. for some unknown reason i forgot about this forum.so im glad to be back. just bookmarked this form. :) hope to read more and make new friends. Mike
  4. DJ Soul

    Holy CF Moley! Its Back?????

    Woooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww.... I thought it was gone for good lol like so many waistlines and hairlines at my High School Reunion!!!! Talk about time warp! Wassuuuppp Everyone??? Whatcha all been doing for like 2 years???? lmao!! Other than Myspace lol which by the way mine is...
  5. Chris-TheNuk

    rar freestyle cds (frankie boy, rochelle, vla, holy cole, timmy t....)

    i have list some of my cds on eBay here is a list: Caleb-B - The Freestyle Take Over Stevie B - This Time Concept Of One - Concept Of One Freestyle X-Mas - Christmas Frankie Boy - Margarita (Single CD) Frankie Boy - She's Leaving (Single CD) Rei Summers - Time After Time (Single CD) Timmy...
  6. spanishfly053177

    Holy Crap what is going on in Europe

    OK , I must have missed this , but anyone know what is going on in Europe? http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/europe/11/05/france.riots/index.html hey lady_manda might want to postpone your trip to Paris.
  7. B

    Holy Sulu!!

    George Takei, who played the role on the original Star Trek series, came out of the closet, announcing that he has had a partner by the name of Brad for 18 years! *Does the "Live Long & Prosper" sign*
  8. Dianita

    Holy big fat squirrels, Batman!!!!!!

    Because I'm really bored, and cause they're sooooooo cute, I thought I'd share the pics of my big fat squirrels with my cf family. Unforunately they had to stay behind at the other house, but those sure were some healthy squirrelies.
  9. NuJerz2001

    Pornstar CHLOE JONES passed away!!! Holy SHHHH!!!

    OMG I can't believe it!! She was one of the best! I heard she had Hepatitis C for a long time and didn't know it. This is the was that busted the Charlie Sheen marriage....she admitted he paid her like 15,000 bucks for 4 hours....sheet!! RIP...
  10. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Good Holy Thursday~*~

    What's up peeps? Good morning. It's Holy Thursday. Most don't have work tomorrow and the weekend begins today. :D Have a wonderful day.
  11. latinocop

    Holy S**t

  12. James Anthony

    Holy Sh*t! Hardcore Collectors- Check Out What Just Went Up On Ebay!!!!!!!!

    AMAZING RARE FREESTYLE 12" ON EBAY- WITH EVEN MORE TO COME! Hey everyone- some amazing rare pieces of vinyl up on ebay now- up for grabs....below is a list of items that are going up later this week. If you see something that you want- email at jamesanthonyktu@aol.com with your best offer, and...
  13. Kenny Guido

    HOLY F*CKIN SH*t!!!

  14. michelle28

    Lets try this again! (holy water)

    A train hits a bus load of school girl and they all perish. They are all in heaven trying to enter the pearly gates of St. Peter. St. Peter asks the first girl, "Karen, have you ever had any contact with a penis?." She giggles and shyly replies, "Well, I once touched the head of one with the...
  15. myonlysweetie

    Holy Day

    Remember Everyone ... its Palm Sunday this weekend! Don't forget to go to church! God Bless, everyone!
  16. F

    holy shit part 2

    Do not leave your homes.......that f__king snow...I hate it....it's a nightmare.
  17. E

    HOLY COW! I don't believe it!!!

    I never seen a cow on it's knees praying! :eek: :lol Got ya ;) -ant
  18. F

    Holy Shit

    WOW....Look at me, I hit a whopping 62 posts, do you think I get to change my status from freestyler to freestyle superstar master of the universe? lol :dancingb :sbounce :nah :rasta
  19. S

    Holy Shit!!!!!

    did you hear about all the nice girls (15-20) send me a message. No, i'm serious, by the end of the week, there will be so many messages in my thing. anyways i'm out. and thanks for reading
  20. Elear


    I Just Got This Song " Let Him Go " By:TAVIO Holy Sh*t This Song Is Off The Hook. When Was This Released And Does He Have Any Other Songs??? Get Back 2 Me LALAZ :p