1. D

    Get "HIGH" without using drugs!

    Quite an interesting/worthwhile read! http://web.archive.org/web/20100215150056/http://1st-spot.net/books/ghwd/ghwd/gettinghigh.pdf Sometimes using drugs can be BAD,its good to be able to achieve such state W/O USING THEM!! (I havent ever been high -- Ah man!!)
  2. S

    Former High Power Records Freestyle Artist: Edee on The Freestyle Universe Radio Show

    'Baby It's You' on the Freestyle Universe Radio Show this Thursday, May16th on www.legendsoffreestyle.com at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time!! That's when Freestyle's dynamic duo: Swins Fontenelle - Freestyle's Naughtiest Party Boy - the Freestyle Authority and Over-The-Top Latina Bombshell...
  3. V

    can zolpidem make you high - zolpidem tartrate withdrawal symptoms

    Buy Zolpidem (ambien) Online > DISCOUNTS UP TO 45% > SPECIAL OFFERS. ORDER NOW! * Fast worldwide shipping! 30 days money back! * Really cheap prices and Free bonuses! * Customer support available 24/7! * No prescription required! TAGS: zolpidem ambien free shipping...
  4. F

    Degrassi Junior High

    Do any of you remember the show Degrassi Junior High? I used to watch it all the time when I was younger. Well I have a cable channel tha has a new version of Degrassi. Some of the characters from the original Degrassi are on it. And, they now show episodes of the original Degrassi every night...
  5. R

    high way bill

    i know its not like us to start a serious topic after 9 or so. but cant help it. that highway bill is good stuff. i can tell you off the bat. that i could charge 20 percent less in the limo if i could get anywhere just ten minutes faster? and if the truckers could get anywhere faster. be...
  6. ChuckD

    California's high court lets domestic partner law stand

    California's high court lets domestic partner law stand SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The California Supreme Court on Wednesday let stand a new law granting registered domestic partners many of the same rights and protections available to married couples, giving the gay, lesbian, bisexual and...
  7. Sexyangel329

    Natural High

    Natural High I’m under your spell, Let me moan, Let me yell, shhh let me tell, How you go deep inside, Blow more then my mine, Shots to my spine, Come in from behind, Eye’s spin in my head, My body just begs, Of your sweet flow, Your sweet tokes, Off my hips, Licks off my lips, Between...
  8. FreestyleZFinest

    Looking For High Power Greatest Hits

    Anyone Have The Cds Or Copies For Cheap For Me?
  9. M

    A Father shoot High School Football coach

    Dateline; Houston, TX: Jeffery Roberson, a football coach at Canton High School was taken to a nearby hospital after he was shot in the field by an Irate father. http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/front/31 Wow, Texas loves their HS Football a lot. don't they?!!
  10. D

    ok i heard a freestyle tape from high school

    it was a local group.. singing freestyle i heard it thought it was hot so now im looking for freestyle singers that made freestyle music at home like demos of some kind. like freestyle from non artist :rafro
  11. E

    89 High Definition DVD titles to be released this year!

    WOW...looks like Enigma will be buying lots and lots of brand new High Definition DVDs that they are releasing at 4th quarter this year! HD-DVD players will surface September! http://www.thedigitalbits.com/#mytwocents So that means I have to hold off now on my dvd purchases cause I would then...
  12. Edalgiere

    dj paradise, high tech and the rest of the file

    these guys do an amazing job every week in not only promoting and educating about freestyle but in opening up the ears and minds to other forms of dance music new and old. hats off to the freestylefile
  13. Company B

    Cereal prices too high??

    Is it me , or are breakfast cereals going a lil' too far with their prices?? Everywhere I go, most cereals go for 5 bucks, & sometimes a lil' more or less. This sh*t iz crazy yo!!! Do you guys see this as well??
  14. M

    Sex Room in High School

    AP: Sacremento, CA. Darren Johnson a Sac. High School Teacher wrote in the school newspaper proposing the school to make a sex room for the students. He wrote that the room should have mats, and condoms. He think it would make the students feel more comfortable instead of just kissing in hall...
  15. E

    Post Your High School Pic or Baby pic

    Thaught I would start this. I have to scan mine still so who wants to post there baby or high school pic?????
  16. M

    Volcano High

    Last night on MTV. They was airing a South Korean Martial Arts film called; Volcano High. They had Method Man, Mya, Tracy Morgan and others dub their voices in the film. It was pretty good. The effects was great and it had a good message at the end of the movie.
  17. S

    High quality online web TV and radio streaming

    I like to Invite all of you to visit the official website for the saudia arabia TV and Radio. There you can listen live radio including the RADIO QURAN, ther is also a TV channels live streaming of all the saudiarabian telivisions. Nearly future the suports channels is also comming live to...
  18. Kalua528104

    Dj Paradise And Dj High Tech On Latino Mix .today ...who Heard It?

  19. Company B

    Gay high school in NYC???

    For gay students so they wont be harrassed as in otha schools. BELEIVE IT OR NOT, even though im gay, I dont agree with this in a way. Seems a little "extreme". At the same time I can see the positive side, but I dunno, it seems kinda wierd to me. I went to a few regular high schools & I...
  20. E

    N.V. & Wickett from High Power Records?

    I wonder where these two great gentlemen are today? :( Dayum I find they kick ass with their lovely voices...I wonder if in their minds...they would like to make more Freestyle songs? :( Where are they? Please post if anyone has an answer! -antonio