1. D

    Slammung music with these guys- Amathus Music

    The crew from Amathus Music has struck again. If you’re looking for some sexy sleek vocals or a deep down house sound these two new releases will be it. The first track called “Train Between Two Stations” by the artist Chance is mixed with a soulful house sound and cool tribal drum beats...
  2. P

    So What Do You Guys Do For A Living??

    Just curious to see what kind of jobs you guys have. Maybe I might get inspired.
  3. P

    Take Care Of Her (To All The Guys)

    When you find that girl, treat her right. This girl will be yours for the rest of your nights. Appreciate and make the love always there. Show her that you love her, show her that you care. When she trusts you, that's the most important thing. Trust is as good as the greatest...
  4. P

    How Do You Know You've Found The Right Girl (To All The Guys)

    This is to all the good single men out there with good intentions..... How Do You Know You've Found 'The Right Girl'???...... When you find that girl that truly loves you: She will always show you how much you mean to her. She will support you in what you do and the things you say...
  5. R

    ok guys i need help on another song!!

    hey guys ! need help here,, another 80s freestyle classic. i need the artist of the song and the song title it goe slike this: " you got me spinning.. oh oh... you got me spinning around and 'round" it's a girl singer, its not the " you spin me 'round" by dead or alive. thanks guys...
  6. R

    GUYS!!!! i need help finding this song!!

    hey All! This song is killing me, ive been trying to find out what the title is and who is the artitist that sang it. sounds liek a girl sining it but the lyrics i caught goes like this: "Summer in the street always sound so sweet ( or=> oh it sounds so sweet) when you're here with me...
  7. Colombian Harry

    These guys have some serious gas.
  8. jazzy4u

    Guys Jazzy has decide to lea.....

    Well if u are in here u care about me. LOL I wont leave CF ever ever ever. I am going to Canada for a few days so I will miss yall. MMUAZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  9. A

    What Do You Guys And Gals Think?

    I just recently got divorced about 7 months ago. well to get to the point...... See....a sista' getting kinda lonely. well do you guys and gals think it's to soon to see someone or what???? is the question?? Holla if you will :)
  10. D

    Hey Guys!!!

    its been a while! :stevieb <---:lol whats everyone been up to? :yeey
  11. cratebug

    :: What we had before we had Freestyle :: Trust me, you guys are gonna like it ::

    If you were around right before Freestyle was a genre, then this music should be very familiar to you: :: A ((LIVE)) 70's 80's Disco Hi-Energy Mix!! "Studio 54" Style!! :: (by yours truly) ENJOY!! :: ATTENTION :: This sample is only 40 minutes long. To get the full-length 80 Min...
  12. M

    For The Guys..

    Hey I have been talking to this guy for about 4 mths now, my birthday was yesterday and he got me a beautiful ring. Question is what can I give him for his birthday which is tommorrow? I want to give him something good but not nothing to rush what we've got going. He's a real sweetheart and he's...
  13. Sexyangel329

    Morning guys and gals

    Wzuppppppppppppppppppppp I am sleepy almost woke up late didnt hear my alarm go off but I slept throught the night lol have a blesed day everyone :yeey
  14. R

    guys who could throw.

    loooking to see if anybody here use to pitch. wonder what top speed use to be. i once when i was 24. got it up to 85 mph. but that was when i was 24. i try that now i might snap my hole body in half. but the other day i was throwing and i did get it up to 60. smooothe. with no pain...
  15. T

    Guys What Do You Go For???????

    You know C.F it really pisses me off that some guys go for looks just to make themself look good. You know I was always told that you should love r like the person for them not just on how they look. " Dont jugde a book by it's cover " I am not saying all guys are the same but, my opinion is...
  16. Angelino

    ( ( ( Hey Guys Check Out My Music ) ) )

  17. M

    CF Guys. Wear body spray

    Do any of you guys like to wear body spray after a bath/shower? I love wearing AXE! Smells good.
  18. M

    CF Guys: The Air Jordans ever?

    OK Guys, The Air Jordans made dudes become obsessed of shoes like gals. So what was the best pair of Air Jordans ever? My favs was The First Jordans, the Pair in 1990-1992 in all Black with red. and The 1994 Air Jordans that had the Jordan records on the bottom of the soles. :listen
  19. ChuckD

    word of advice for the guys who are losing

    Guys.....if you are losing your hair, going bald, whatever you want to call it, please listen to me..... GET OVER IT, AND CUT YOUR HAIR! I swear, if I see one more guy who had a receeded hairline, and a bald spot in the middle (small or big, don't matter) and he's got a friggin' ponytail down...
  20. B

    Are You Guys The Jealous Type?

    Last Night I Went To My Husbands Work Cause I Just Had To Have Some, Well When I Get There He Is Talking To Thi Lil B$%*. I Got So Mad And Drove My Truck Straight At Him And Told Him "what The Crap Are You Doing?" He Told Me That He Has To Talk To Her Cuz Its All About The Work. Anyways I Was So...